Became known the details of the next season of “the Bachelor”

Стали известны подробности очередного сезона «Холостяка» Ex-participant reality show opened backstage of the project. According to Tatyana Chelysheva, the program will involve non-free girl and future mother. Users of social networks was intrigued by the claims of the brunette trying to build a relationship with llya Glinnikov.

This spring, the broadcast channel TNT will premiere the new season of the show “the Bachelor.” This time girls will fight for the heart of the singer Yegor creed. 23-year-old actor has officially confirmed his participation in the popular program.

In anticipation of the release of the new series participant in the fifth season of the TV show Tatiana Chelysheva decided to talk about it backstage. The girl claims that has information about the participants and revealed some details.

“You may not believe me now but time will pass and you’ll learn all this and see with your own eyes. In the new season of “the Bachelor” gave two rose more than expected, and among the participants was “a little bit” pregnant girl and not the bachelorette who fell in love with Egor and relying on reciprocity, has finally decided to divorce… And so much more interesting that I already know”, – told Tatiana.

Chelysheva said it plans to continue to uncover the secrets of the show. “Wait my sensational discoveries. And how we all will present our gods of installation, we will see very soon on TNT,” – shared the girl.

Statement of Tatiana drew a mixed reaction from the public. Some accused the girl in PR, and expressed doubts about the veracity of its information. Others believed Chelysheva and admitted that I was intrigued. “Pregnant? This is too much for “the Bachelor,” wrote one of podeschi brunettes. “I feel sorry for her and the baby,” replied Tatiana. According to Chelysheva, many girls involved in the project not in order to find your soulmate.

“It’s no secret that people very rarely go there for love, but I don’t know girls, maybe a trip to the show was a kind of salvation” – spoke eks-the participant of a reality show.

Chelysheva says she shares information that viewers “know the truth”. “This is my page, and I have the right to discuss and raise any themes and issues. Yes, I will be discussing the show “the Bachelor” and its backstage and beyond,” said the girl. Followers of Tatiana also asked her to share her opinion about Yegor creed.

“He’s not the bad guy, and he’s done. I think it is, of course, will follow the instructions and prompts, well, how it will look, we will see only in March”, – says the former participant of the TV project.

Recall that after Tatiana Chelysheva was eliminated from the fifth season of the show “the Bachelor,” she had an altercation with llya Glinnikov. The girl said that the actor behaved inappropriately on set and allowed myself to pluck them. The artist had to justify to fans. In turn, Ilya said that Tatiana was the only one of the participants, who asked to keep her on the project. “She called me in the States to produce, but I don’t need a producer,” added Glinnikov. Ilya Glinnikov quarreling with eliminated contestant of “the Bachelor”