Стали известны подробности помолвки Диего Марадоны
The legendary player has decided to marry again.

Diego Maradona and Rocio Oliva

Photo: Instagram.com

Days 57-year-old Diego
Maradona has surprised his fans. He again proposed to his
favorite girl name is Rocio Oliva! Friends believe that the legendary football player and Oliva — just perfect
couple. Because, among other things, they have much in common — in the past, Rocio played
women’s soccer team. And the fact that the fiance is 29 years older than his 28-year-old
brides, how do you think Diego and Rocio, absolutely
it does not matter.

The engagement was
conceived as a surprise, and he managed Maradona to fame. Diego managed to turn
the celebration of another birthday of his
friends in a celebration on the occasion of engagement. Maradona asked Rocio to become
his wife during a Banquet in one of the best restaurants in the capital
Argentina — Buenos Aires. His proposal, he did, bringing his beloved
a stunning diamond ring, in the presence of 45 gathered at the holiday

Rocio, of course,
answered him Yes and cried with happiness. Couldn’t hold back the tears and
many of the ladies present, including, Mama Rocio Monica and one of the daughters
Maradona — Jana. The bride said
the speech in which he said: “This is my most recent birthday
as an unmarried woman. I’m really happy and want to share my
happy with everyone. Today I made a wish: to live with Diego happily ever after!”

The most amazing
this story is that Diego has in the past
did Rocio offer — it happened
in 2014, two years after they started Dating. Moreover, she
for the first time agreed to become the wife of Maradona. But since I goofed
four years, and that Diego and Rocio were planning the wedding, it was not audible. And
he, apparently, decided to “upgrade” my engagement. Some took it
a little extravagant. But now Maradona is finally getting married, Rocio.