Became known the details of the death of 14-year-old model in Shanghai

Стали известны подробности гибели 14-летней модели в Шанхае A few days ago, died young Vlad Dzyuba, who flew to China to participate in the fashion Week. The girl dreamed of working with international brands and persuaded parents to send her abroad. Investigators establish the circumstances of the death of a schoolgirl.
Стали известны подробности гибели 14-летней модели в Шанхае

Last week died 14-year-old Vlad, the film. A native of Perm came to Shanghai to participate in the fashion show. But the girl became ill, and she was urgently hospitalized. Vlad stayed for two days in a coma. Doctors were unable to save the Russian. Friday, October 27, it became known that she died in the hospital.

The sudden death of a teenager caused a stir in the media. It was said that the film allegedly worked for 13 hours, exceeding the norm, and its agents have not issued the necessary medical insurance. The reasons that caused the death of Vlad versed law enforcement and investigative management of SK on the Perm start checking. The Commissioner for human rights in the Kama took the situation under his personal control.

Стали известны подробности гибели 14-летней модели в Шанхае

According to preliminary data, the cause of death Vlad was multiple organ failure on the background of infectious lesions of the nervous system and sepsis. Earlier, journalists wrote about the fact that the model was suffering from meningitis complicated by severe exhaustion. However, the final outcome is yet early, you need to perform an autopsy. This requires the consent of the mother of a beautiful girl Oksana Dzuba. At the moment the woman is in Russia. She has been preparing for the trip. Roughly, Oksana will arrive in Shanghai on Wednesday.

“She called me and said, “I’m so tired, 13 hours worked, I want to sleep.” Was sick, and then began the temperature. I didn’t sleep all the time, called her to go to the hospital,” said mother model to journalists.
Стали известны подробности гибели 14-летней модели в Шанхае

The Director of the Agency who has worked for Vlad, denies the information about the alleged heavy slave labor of their wards. Zheng Yi said that press reports are spreading incorrect information about the terms of the contract models. According to him, Vlad felt wrong not backstage at the show, but in the hotel. Now employees of Shanghai Fashion Week are conducting an internal investigation.

“Write that girl worked for 13 hours during fashion Week. And because of this exhaustion and died. But fashion Week ended October 18. And the whole story of this model began only on 24-th. And she died 27 Oct. So no link between fatigue and her death there. And communications agencies is absolutely wrong,” – says Yi.
Стали известны подробности гибели 14-летней модели в Шанхае

According to the man, his team did everything possible to help the schoolgirl. “The girl was transported to Shanghai. By the end of the day, she still felt bad. And then we sent her to the hospital. From the beginning the doctors could not understand what exactly sick,” – said the Director of the Agency. According to Yee, the insurance was carried out by Russian side.

Oksana Dzyuba, the mother of the deceased model, said goodbye to daughter on social networks. The woman said that it is very difficult to come to terms with the loss of a loved one.

Стали известны подробности гибели 14-летней модели в Шанхае“Newtoshiba pain. Children to his mother – the most valuable that can be in her life. Nothing can replace the loss of one of them. I will never be able to accept and believe my Vlada is not with us. I love you, my girl!” – wrote the film on his page.

Later during a conversation with journalists Oksana said that’s not blaming anyone for what happened. From further conversation mother model refused, citing the fact that it is difficult for her to speak.

Prepared according to NTV, REN TV and “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.