Became known the details of the accident, which severely injured Gerard Butler

Стали известны подробности аварии, в которой жестоко пострадал Джерард Батлер
The actor is happy that it is still alive.

Gerard Butler


Gerard Butler, who recently got into
a serious accident, he believes, are very lucky. The star of “300”
escaped although numerous, but not fatal injuries. But
given the circumstances of the accident, he didn’t have too many chances to stay in

A little after recovering from the incident, the actor said,
what happened to him: “I quietly went down the road. And suddenly, quite
suddenly, the lady, the car which was parked in the Parking lot, sharply turned out
out, although the turn is prohibited in this place. She crashed into me, and
collision I was thrown from the seat of a motorcycle. Flying pretty far, I
landed. And my “landing” was by no means soft. It was just awful
it hurts!”

Gerard felt that he could not rise. Approached the actor, the witness recognized him. “How are you feeling?” —
he asked. “Nothing, but I was hoping for after three weeks to start
filming in a new movie full of stunt scenes!” — answered Butler. Now Gerrard is unlikely to return to
the form in time. According to the actor, he received many injuries. “One
only my leg is broken in five places. I also have a torn meniscus on the other
leg. And that’s not counting the numerous cuts and wounds!” — told the Butler.
However, as stated by the actor, he’s just happy that everyone is still alive. “I
understand that could have landed differently, and then I now you would not
talking!” — gloomy joked the actor.