Became known the details of rehabilitation Dmitry Marjanova

Стали известны подробности реабилитации Дмитрия Марьянова The actor received psychological help in one of the institutions located in Lobnya. The representative of the centre Oksana Bogdanova answered questions about the last days of Dmitry Marjanova in the broadcast of “Andrey Malakhov. Live”.
Стали известны подробности реабилитации Дмитрия Марьянова

15 Oct died actor Dmitry Maryanov. Investigation of death of the artist involved law enforcement officers. Shortly before his death the man was in one of the rehabilitation centers Lobnya. According to some information, Marianov had back problems, and according to others, he suffered from alcoholism. The head of the institution where he lay Dmitri, gave an interview to the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”. Oksana Bogdanova has told about the last days of stars of theatre and cinema.

According to the woman, Maryanov found the center through friends reviews. The actor himself asked for help because he felt a need for rehabilitation.

“Dmitry wanted to live, wanted to solve all their internal problems. He turned to his friends, they were at us the General, – said Bogdanov. – Our center deals with the problem of rehabilitation of people with deviant behavior… to Recognize him as the actor was very complicated, entangled, exhausted, in which there burned a spark, which he was in search of. He came here and he was willing to give a tour, to cope with them and understand how to live further”.
Стали известны подробности реабилитации Дмитрия Марьянова

The head of the rehabilitation center said that the first time Maryanov was starving. “We went to feed him”, – said Bogdanov. However, during those nine days that the actor had been in therapy, he began to feel differently.

Стали известны подробности реабилитации Дмитрия Марьянова“The man actually began to return power with each passing day it becomes more active and outgoing. He said that he had very little time. He wanted to live, to work on themselves,” says the woman

According to Bogdanova, the Maryanov constantly thinking about his wife Xenia. The first time a man was deprived of access to a mobile phone so it did not detract from rehabilitation. Dmitry wrote touching letters to the beloved. It was obvious that he feels for her true feelings. According to Oksana, the actor was able to overcome himself and to start life anew.

“I am very empty. Like lost hope. There really was a chance. He was a terrific motivation to live. I’m usually faced with more empty people”, – said Bogdanov.
Стали известны подробности реабилитации Дмитрия Марьянова

On that fateful day, when the life of an actor was broken, he complained to the centre staff on back pain.

Стали известны подробности реабилитации Дмитрия Марьянова“Then he went to his room, at dinner complained of a pain in his leg. We asked him to contact an ambulance. He said, “don’t take me anywhere, I don’t need no ambulance”. The pain intensified, he complained. It was decided to call an ambulance. The answer was: “Wait.” After 20 minutes we decided to take him to the doctors. On the way he talked and even joked… Then we were stopped by a patrol DPS and with flashing lights escorted to the receiving Department. On the way he fainted,” – said Bogdanov.

The dispatcher who took the call, contacted the staff of a talk show. A woman does not feel guilty.

Network outraged by the conversation Manager ambulance with a dying friend Maranova

“The challenge was accepted, and the call was canceled by his friends, colleagues, do not know who… I’m on vacation. I do not want to talk about it! The challenge was accepted, and the call was canceled. (…) The relatives of Dmitry I want to convey my condolences. He I didn’t do anything wrong. Good, great actor,” said the operator.

On the question of whether it was possible to save Maranova if the ambulance arrived on time, she replied in the negative. “I think not,” said the Manager.

The experts decided to find out from Oksana Bogdanova, any medications taken by the actor. However, the woman hastened to declare that in its center, which has “nothing to do with medicine”, providing psychological assistance and not prescribe drugs. Commenting on the results of the examination that detected in the blood Maranova alcohol, Bogdanov noted that has no information about it. “He was sober”, she shared.

Experts found alcohol in the blood of Dmitry Marjanova

In the program there was also a letter Maranova to his wife Xenia. The man missed loved ones and looking forward to the moment of family reunion.

Стали известны подробности реабилитации Дмитрия Марьянова“My dear, darling, little, too, I love you. The handwriting was horrible, so what sort it out. I here two weeks. (…) I write, I every day, turning, looking for you. Don’t leave. I understand that you got what you deserve. My dear, beloved. Hold the line…” – asked the actor to his wife.
Стали известны подробности реабилитации Дмитрия Марьянова