Стало известно, в какой стране будет рожать Лера Кудрявцева
Child TV presenter and her husband will be born later this summer.

Photo: Instagram

Soon Lera Kudryavtseva will leave Russia. 47-year-old pregnant star will fly out to give birth in America. This became known from the social networks. In one of the posts in the personal blog of Lera was a discussion about the pregnancy of the stars. Someone suspected Kudryavtsev deception: that, in fact, the presenter wasn’t pregnant at all, and the child will be born thanks to a surrogate mother. Other condemned Leroux because she, being in the “interesting situation”, wearing the image of a skull. Some comments from his followers, even the most negative, Lera decided to answer. And it is reported that very soon will fly to Miami.

Now Lera is about the sixth month of pregnancy. Usually women don’t risk to fly in the later stages, especially to operate transatlantic flights. Recently, it was reported that Kudryavtseva choose where to give birth in Europe or America. Apparently, the TV presenter still made a choice in favor of the States.

Fans assume that Leroy will fly away right after will be another happy event in her family. In the early summer should be born of her first grandchild. Still beloved only son Kudryavtseva, 28-year-old Jean is also pregnant. The baby’s gender is already known — it’s a boy.

Recall that Leroy was going to get her husband a young child, became known recently. Kudryavtseva is still not given official confirmation of this fact, but her rounded tummy “speaks” for itself. Fans and colleagues of star is very happy for Leroux, and Igor Makarov, as they have long worked on the issue of addition to the family — and finally it worked.