Became known the cause of the breakup with Kylie Jenner rapper Taiga

Стала известна причина расставания Кайли Дженнер с рэпером Тайгой

For the past few weeks, the media circulated the news that the American star of the reality show “living with the Kardashian” Kylie Jenner broke up with her boyfriend rapper Taiga. But since a couple breaks up not for the first time, few believed in definitive rupture of mutual relations, while the perpetrator has not moved his stuff out of the house sweetheart. It happened this past weekend, and since that time surrounded by couples all head broke, what has driven them to separation. As it turned out, Kylie was just tired of waiting.

“Kylie and Taiga was broken up several times already, and always because of his infidelity. But this time it’s different. Kylie just got tired of waiting. She’s already waited two years for his proposal of marriage, and realized that he is not going to make her my wife,” said the insider.
The lovers exchanged expensive gifts, but lived always at the expense of girls, who, at eighteen years old boasts not only participation in one of the most popular reality shows of American television, but also their own cosmetic Empire, which are gaining popularity every day. Kylie spared no expense to your loved one turned a blind eye to his adventures, and suddenly saw the light.
She realized that he needed only as a beautiful picture and a bag of money. She asked Taiga to leave her house, and he wanted to believe that all this is happening.
Shortly before the quarrel Kylie put the question bluntly: either he marries her or leaves with their things. Taiga had promised first, but then he himself planned performances for the next six months. Jenner realized that thus he wished to avoid marriage with her and told the rapper that her mom Kris raised flower not such a dunce.
“She’s not that naive, loving girl that I was before. Now everything is different, but Taiga just do not understand this” — said the insider.
Recall that the Cayley relatives have been asked to leave her deadbeat Beau, and now they are very pleased that their cousin finally opened his eyes.