Стала известна предположительная причина смерти Джорджа Майкла
The departure of the singer from life shocked his colleagues and fans.

George Michael

Photo: ZumaTASS

As it became known, yesterday at 9 am, in his
the house in the British town of Goring-on-Thames, died
beloved by millions of his fans, the singer George Michael. The artist’s death shocked everyone, because he was only 53 years old, and
about any of it serious chronic illnesses was not known. Nevertheless,
to the doctors and the police, his death being considered as “unexpected
but not suspicious”. In other words, it, apparently, does not go on
suicide or of violent death. At this stage,
the alleged cause of the death of George the doctors called heart failure. Information confirmed
and Manager Michael. This was announced by the Internet site hollywoodlife.com.

For your life
the singer has released 7 solo albums, which enjoyed immense popularity, and
his fans have bought a total of more than 100 million copies of his
music, However, in the last year of George rarely appeared on
the public. As stated, he began work on his next album.

George, present
the name which Mr. panayiotou Georgios Kyriacos, was born in the suburbs of London, the son of Greek immigrant Kyriacos
Mr. panayiotou. He began his musical career when he was 18 years old. And
solo performances George started in the mid-1980s. During his career, Michael was awarded the
many awards, including four MTV Video Award, three
American Music Award
and two Grammy Award.