Стали известны шокирующие подробности последних дней жизни Дмитрия Марьянова
A neighbor of the actor in the ward told the procedure was performed by physicians with patients of the clinic.

Dmitry Maryanov


The investigation of the death
Dmitry Marjanova, who passed away at the age of 47 years October 15 last
year, lasts for seven months. Shortly before his death the actor was in rehab
“Phoenix”, where he was treated for alcohol dependence. Our doctors are unable
to provide him with qualified assistance, when the artist became ill. Close and
friends of Dmitry considered the version that the clinic staff can be
responsible for the sudden death of the artist. One of the patients rehabilitation
the centre, which lay in the same room with Martynovym, shared with kp.ru shocking
the details of the last days of life of Dmitri.

According to Mr. Kotov, the actor came to the center voluntarily, but
the last day was anxious to return to his wife. Doctors who could provide
Dmitry the help center was not. “This is a restricted area,
beyond it can. Employees of the center, except
psychologists, volunteers, themselves former dependent (alcoholics, addicts).
They have recovered and are helping others. The day before death
he handed me a note, told me to call his wife and tell to
she came and took him away. But I was afraid that I would be punished,
gave a note to the employee… on his last day he was
in a good mood. The guy friend who stayed there, I
was told that an Ambulance was not called long, although he complained
the pain in his leg, in pain, moaning. And then all consciousness
lost. Only then did the volunteers in the Ambulance was called, but then call
canceled — apparently, didn’t want the publicity. My buddy saw
Maranova carried from the center of blue. It may be dead.
And took specifically to have the fact of death in the center
it’s for them to state of emergency”, — says Kotov.

According to Boris, to be treated in this institution Marianowo
advised his wife Xenia BIK. The clinic adopted a system of penalties for
misconduct. From writing certain words, before depriving patients of sleep, sealing
mouth and placing them in conditions conducive to the emergence of asphyxia (suffocation).

“The contrary is the written punishment for any
fault — says the interlocutor of the edition. They give you a certain set
words, and it is necessary to write 300 times. For example, the spoken swear word
write: “My speech is pure, my speech is pure.” Any delay or violation
mode: “Weakness and laziness — a direct path to use”. Also 300 times. Gave
us and more intricate lyrics. Me, for example: “I’m irresponsible, lazy
junkie, who care about their own life and many things that used to live
as of old, without changing anything in your life. If I will continue to live in the old
then soon again Satoru, and then will die like a hunched dog
under the fence, never knowing the delights of sober living. Give up
irresponsible lifestyle, because everything in our lives starts with small things, and
ends with a tragic end.” That’s what I ordered 50 times to write. Maryanov
got my assignments and punishments like all. He could be withering. Also studied
writings. Type this as the training on subcortical recorded. They had the reception
the punishment may be writing all night. Sitting next to the staff of the center and push in the side,
if you start nodding off. In the end, at four in the morning after a night of scribbling going
to sleep, and at seven you raise. Go crazy. Break shorter. If
you begin to protest, saying: “don’t write – will raise all”.
Imagine how then all you will have to watch… the Punishment was the
different. Broke something — close the Windows in the house and not allowed to open. Us
and Marjanovi had to sit in the sweltering heat, sometimes we just choked. Used
there different trainings. For example, the eye you tie, and you are three days a blind
live. If you remove the blindfold and write all night. Can mute you.
Stick with the mouth, and you are unable to communicate with anyone. If someone with you
spoke up in the night to write. I had a seven day silent… Psychologist,
of course, worked with patients, but the basis of the so-called rehabilitation this
center — the system of various punishments and the suppression of the will.”