Стали известны шокирующие подробности инцидента с племянницей Бритни Спирс
The singer is heartbroken because of the tragedy.

Britney Spears with sister Jamie Lynn and niece Maddie

Photo: Instagram.com

Reporters overseas media became aware,
what happened to 8-year-old niece of Britney Spears Maddie. Earlier it was reported,
that ATV girl somehow toppled into the pond, causing
she was seriously injured. Now became known the details of the tragic incident, and they reported the online edition of people.com.

As it turned out, that day happened
trouble is, Maddie with her mom, Jamie, and stepfather, James Watson, was at home — in an estate in Louisiana.
So the incident happened directly in front of the family girls. 8-year-old
Maddie decided to ride a Quad bike, a gift on her birthday.
Driving along the edge of the pond, the girl tried to avoid the big mud puddle, alas, has not coped with management. The ATV overturned in

The mother and stepfather of Maddy, who was from her just 100 metres away, though
cold weather immediately rushed into the icy water to get a girl from
of the pond, but were unable to do so. In a cruel twist of fate, Maddie suffered from
what has fastened the safety belt, which lock tightly jammed
in the fall. Besides, it is trapped crumpled frame of the overturned

To rescue Maddie could only caused on
the scene, the medical aviation. They got to
estate of Spears in a matter of minutes, but all this time the girl was under

Conducted on-site CPR doctors returned Maddie to life, but
in the consciousness of the girl never came, and remains in critical condition. Sisters Jamie and Britney Spears and their father James called on all sympathizers to pray for the preservation of the life of Maddie.