Became known scandalous details of the past brides of Prokhor Chaliapin

Стали известны скандальные детали прошлого невесты Прохора Шаляпина The girl hid the age and information about the relationship with her ex-husband. Tatiana Guzeva justified, why didn’t tell u how old she is, and also explained how was her life in Izhevsk.
Стали известны скандальные детали прошлого невесты Прохора Шаляпина

Prokhor Chaliapin is preparing for a third wedding. The Studio program “In fact,” the actor admitted that he was happy to meet Tatiana as she is not like the other chosen. The girl distant from the world of show business. “We speak the same language” – shared Chaliapin.

However, Tanya’s mother, Valentina Vasilyevna, opposes the marriage of his daughter with the artist. She believes that the singer is cheating girl and cheating on her. Woman care what u do a lot of talking with his ex-wife Larissa Kopenkina.

Prokhor Chaliapin glad to have found Tatiana. The singer is proud of the chosen one. He spoke in detail about the beloved. “She herself came to Moscow, made into two apartments, it is worth a lot. Before that, she lived in Izhevsk,” – said the singer.

Tatiana was married, and she has a child. Mom Tatiana claims that they do not conceal anything from the artist. “I’m against this marriage. I’m not hiding anything”, – said the cousin.

Mother of the bride Prokhor Chaliapin forbids her to marry

Стали известны скандальные детали прошлого невесты Прохора Шаляпина

Later in the Studio came Tatyana. The experts decided to find out what hides the girl Prochorus. It turned out that she had a long-distance relationship with an American. Tanya even flew to the US once. Nevertheless, she did not dare to move to the fan, who is clearly many years older than her. She told me that she met him in may 2017.

Due to the upcoming trip to the U.S., Tanya has even quit my job. She worked at a defense plant, so the management forbade her to go to the States. As the experts found out, she still hides some details about yourself.

Elena Kolesnikova, mother Prochorus, opposed to his new marriage. Himself did not understand why all the women in his entourage took up arms to Tatiana.

Стали известны скандальные детали прошлого невесты Прохора Шаляпина

Alla Penyaeva that is familiar with Prokhorov 15 years, says that supported him as he considered his talent and potential. According to the lady later, she wouldn’t date him if he was begging on the station.

The Tatiana’s friend from her hometown revealed unexpected facts about her. During the conversation the friend said that Tanya was born in 1979. She began to completely deny this information. Then the heroine of this program said that her friend was wrong .

“1978. I didn’t hide it. If you do not ask, why say true age?”- angry Tatiana.

Many have suggested that the choice of Chaliapin many lies as the escort. She actively denied these conversations.

Tatiana lived in a civil marriage. As the woman speaks, it was many years ago. Guzeevoy friend claims that her friend cheated on her ex-husband and daughter born from him. For sweetheart Prochorus was unpleasant to recall the past. In addition to the wife of Vladimir, Tatyana was another man.

“When I moved to Moscow, in the birth certificate it was spelled out that he is the genetic father. When he calmed down, got married on our third friend. She asked him to do DNA. I from anybody did not hide,” said the beloved singer.

Many facts were unknown to the house, he’s in shock. “Tanya, you will eat even me. Have you changed demeanor,” he described the girl four years. Anna Kalashnikov also shamed the current darling of Chaliapin due to the fact that she concealed her age.

At the end of the transfer Tatiana said that often listens to the advice of his mother. Answering questions about why she returned to her ex-husband, Guseva said that he begged her for it. “Crawling in the legs and crying,” said the girl.

Chaliapin was not completely disappointed with the chosen one, though learned this truth.

“Tania, to me, still very good. I have in mind right now… the fact that women don’t know what to expect. It is quite tough. When I voice it did not raise”, – said Prokhor.

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