Became known release date of “Revizorro” with the new host

Стала известна дата выхода «Ревизорро» с новой ведущей

The release of the new season of the popular show in a few days…

Don’t worry, the new season of the show will be better than the previous one. As it became known, Lena Volatile with TV channel “Friday!” is not gone, and became his producer! Olga Romanov she had failed to meet, but promised that he would give her valuable advice and guidance.

Olga Romanov as the leading not yet seen. But I will expose her and the shoulder and the shoulder support. Well, she was a soloist of “VIA gra”. But spectacular on the screen,” – saive Volatile.

Romanov, in turn, admitted that comparisons with the Fly is not afraid. She is confident in their abilities and eager to work.

“Are you scared of the comparisons with Lena? No. She’s a great professional, beautiful woman… And I have no problems with self-esteem! – told Olga Romanovskaya. – Understand that the experience I need to accumulate for months, but I am quite sure of himself. And I completely different, and will be able to make this show something new”.

What to expect from “Revizorro” new format it won’t be long. Representatives of TV channel “Friday” told Woman’s Day that the season premiere of the show scheduled for April 13!

You will be watching the new season of “Revizorro” Olga Romanov?

  • Of course, I will. Who cares who will take over the show?
  • Yes! And with even greater interest. I am in awe of Olga Romanov
  • See first series, if you like it’s a new host, it will continue
  • I will look, but I Fly Lena will be sorely missed
  • Fundamentally not going to watch the new season. Return Volatile!
  • Difficult to answer…

Meanwhile, Lena Volatile is preparing to launch the program “Stroinski”, which will be leading, and Director.

The show will start this fall, and his characters for a large sum of money to lose weight to survive. Let’s see what happens…

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