Стали известны новые детали в деле об убийстве Зои Федоровой The investigator has suggested the identity of the criminal. According to Boris Krivoshein, the killer could be a close friend of the actress. Grandson of Zoya Fyodorova arrived in Russia to learn the details of the sensational case.
Стали известны новые детали в деле об убийстве Зои Федоровой

Zoya Fedorova was considered one of the most beautiful Actresses of the Soviet Union, but with a very difficult fate. The star of the films “Girlfriend” and “meeting” was sentenced to 25 years imprisonment in strict-regime camps, had been subjected to persecution because of a relationship with a foreign national and later gave birth to a child from an American diplomat Jackson Tate. And on 10 December 1981, the nephew of Zoya Fyodorova found her dead in the apartment of the famous actress sat at the table, with handset in hand and upturned face, part of which was covered with blood.

It was rumored that a movie star was involved in the secret operations of the KGB and was part of the “diamond mafia”, engaged in buying and selling precious stones. According to rumors, it is the relationship with the underworld was the cause of her death.

To learn details of the murder of the actress decided her grandson, Christopher flew to Russia to participate in the program “Let them talk”. In the Studio, he also met the great-nephew of Zoya Fyodorova, Alexei, who had never before seen.

Стали известны новые детали в деле об убийстве Зои Федоровой

A relative of Christopher remembered that there were many versions of the murder of Zoya Fyodorova. In his opinion, the crime was committed by someone close to the people, as the actress was sitting in a Bathrobe. “Even in school came to me, if I could, ninth, to kill aunt Zoe,” — said Alexey. His parents then, too, had an alibi.

Стали известны новые детали в деле об убийстве Зои Федоровой

It turned out that Alexei’s father had to be at that moment in the apartment of the actress. She called him to fix the TV. After work, a relative of the actress went to visit her, but the door was locked. “They came there in the big room was light. They have seen that her thrown back head”, — said Fedorov.

Zoya Alexeyevna was shot in the head from a German pistol Sauer. Christopher met with an investigator who looked into the details of the sensational case.

“I’m sure the Faces Fedorova had good reason not to say that she heard the shot and that she might know the alleged offender. The shot was fired from a distance of 20 cm. The man who was behind her, were very slim. His height was around 165-168 cm. The man was not just a good friend of your grandmother,” — said Boris V. Krivoshein grandson of the stars.
Стали известны новые детали в деле об убийстве Зои Федоровой

Shared his opinion and the Christopher. “I thought he meant a woman who was familiar with it. I’m not sure if it was a professional killer,” said the grandson of movie stars.

Other friends of the family, adhere to the versions that the artist was somehow connected with those people who stayed with her in the camps. Besides, the star was able to kill colleagues in the diamond business in which Fedorov was involved in the early 60’s. Another suggestion which was put forward in the course of the investigation: the crime was planned by the KGB not to release the actress for all to go abroad.