Стали известны новые детали о смерти дочери Уитни Хьюстон The boyfriend of Bobby Kristina brown, Nick Gordon told what exactly happened to the girl in that ill-fated night, January 31, 2015, when he found the body of her daughter Whitney Houston in the bathroom.

      Стали известны новые детали о смерти дочери Уитни Хьюстон

      The daughter of Whitney Houston, Kristina brown was killed in January last year. Found her in the bathroom. Despite the efforts of doctors, the girl could not be saved. Six months later, the heiress of the singer died without leaving a medical coma. Nick Gordon, the boyfriend of the girl they remembered the tragedy and said the new version of what happened.

      Relatives of the lost girl has repeatedly accused the young man that he killed Christine. However, Gordon claims that she committed suicide.

      “If I could, I would do anything to keep her alive. My God, I feel guilt beyond words, but call me guilty for the tragedy just because I was home at the time, it’s not fair,” said the young man.

      The death of Whitney Houston in 2012 was a real blow for nick and Kristina. Gordon said that they tried to numb the pain, taking drugs and drinking alcohol in large quantities. In one rock day Christina drank too much alcohol and took some pills.

      “When I came home, Chrissy had already gone too far. I saw two empty bottles of wine and I don’t know what she mixed alcohol. Later I heard a scream max Lomas, ran up and saw him taking her out of the tub on the floor. I shouted to him that he dialed the ambulance, and started CPR. Soon the ambulance arrived and the police, Christina was taken to the hospital,” recalled Nick.

      The tragedy with the girl happened January 31, 2015, and July 26, Christina died. Relatives of Houston accused Gordon of murder and demanded that he paid ten million dollars as compensation. According to the young man, Christina committed suicide.

      “What happened with Chrissy, it was only her fault. She did all this, sad as it may sound,” Nick told reporters.

      After the tragedy with Christina, her family has banned Gordon to appear at the hospital where she lay connected to a special machine for ventilation. The doctors immediately informed the family that the girl began a global and irreversible brain damage. It was said that after her daughter’s death, Houston Nick literally crazy with grief, so he was placed under medical supervision because of fears that he too will kill himself.

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