Became known, from-for what quarrel Catherine Skulkin and Dmitry Khrustalev

Стало известно, из-за чего повздорили Екатерина Скулкина и Дмитрий Хрусталёв
The famous tandem of the comic show Comedy Woman – actress Catherine Skulkin and her peers Dmitry Khrustalev – are on the verge of breaking creative relationship.

Стало известно, из-за чего повздорили Екатерина Скулкина и Дмитрий Хрусталёв

A couple of a long time were successful on the stage, and their joint miniatures gained great love of the audience.

Who would have thought that the theme for the disorder of two well-known presenters will be nothing like a new “secret taste” crackers Хрусteam® what Catherine said in their social networks.

Recall that #Secretively has become a real intrigue, which could not be avoided even celebrities such as the announcement of this flavor has become a welcome event. A possible reason for the hype around the new crackers can be a large prize Fund – £ 20,000* offered for the first time in the history of promotions of the brand Хрусteam®. Catherine Skulkin and Dmitry Khrustalev serious about the action and despite the fact that the Duo discussed a huge number of options, they still do not agree.

“We are here to Khrustaleva decided to get involved in the search #secretively crackers #хрусteam. Spent the whole day arguing about taste, but in the end, what do you think?! We had a dreadful fight!!! so at one stage you would see! At least until we know who of us was right!”

– wrote in his Instagram Ekaterina Skulkina.

I hope that the pair still manage to find a compromise, because I do not want to lose so picturesque Duo.

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