Became known details of the new novel by brad pitt

Стали известны детали нового романа Брэда Питта
The actor began to secretly meet up with his girlfriend for almost half a year ago!

Стали известны детали нового романа Брэда Питта

Brad Pitt


Foreign media busy discussing the relationship of brad pitt with his new
a friend — 42-year-old architect Neri Oxman. Recently, the actor is not
once appeared with her in public. However, as it turned out, they met and began
to see not a few weeks ago, it was believed, and for quite some time.

54-year-old pitt began to visit the lab in the Institute where she works
Neri, last fall. This became known due to the fact that one of the students oksman, which
heads to the lab project and
at the same time is a Professor at Michigan
Institute of Technology, shared the photograph, taken at the end of November 2016.
For this photo, pitt posed with several ladies from the same
lab. However, she Neri refused to play with them, but as
the student reported that Oxman was present at this photo shoot.

Thus, it became known that brad and Neri close
communicate for almost six months. Initially it was thought that pitt and Oxman communicate
solely on a professional basis. Because the main passion in life brad
as he admitted once is
architecture. He wanted to make architecture his profession before
became an actor. But even when he
has developed a brilliant career in Hollywood, his passion, he has not forgotten, turning
its in the hobby. Currently, brad leads a large project Make It Right
Foundation, a company involved in designing affordable housing. Home
built on the projects of this company can be found in New Orleans
Kansas, Missouri…

However, pitt and Oxman spend together clearly longer than that
would require only a collaboration. Besides, I can see them together more often in informal
the atmosphere in cafes and restaurants, and their conduct shows, at the same time, about
their sympathy to each other. So the Hollywood gossip believe that
Brad and Neri real novel. If so, then this will be the first
serious love story of the actor since, as Angelina Jolie said on
intention to divorce him.

Neri Oxman

Photo: Twitter @NeriOxman