Стали известны подробности гибели Александра Белявского Psychologists believe that the actor committed suicide. Alexander Beliavsky was unable to survive personal tragedy, the death of a native son, death of a foster, and when it struck the stroke, just haven’t found the strength to fight for life.
Стали известны подробности гибели Александра Белявского

Alexander Beliavsky was not September 8, 2012. His body was found near the house – the actor fell from the window. The results of the investigation were never made public, and still remains a mystery what caused the death of the beloved Fox – suicide or accident.

In a new documentary of the First channel “Alexander Belyavsky. For all I became a Fox” professional psychologists agree that the actor did suicide, unable to cope with the tragedies that befell him. His first born son in a freak accidental drowning, not having lived two full years in this world, and adopted son fell from the window.

Psychologist Svetlana Refractive sure – but he decided to leave the life. “The theme of “Windows” swirled in his mind, he constantly, constantly thought about what had happened to his son how he felt when he fell out the window. And in fact, he chose the same outcome of their destiny,” says psychologist about the death of bielawski. And forensic psychiatrist, doctor of medical Sciences Michael Vinogradov agrees with her.

“He (Belyavsky) was subconsciously looking for a way to leave this life and went consciously,” says forensic psychiatrist Mikhail Vinogradov, the cause of death of Alexander Beliavsky.
Стали известны подробности гибели Александра Белявского

The actor who plays the role of a charming bandit Fox in the cult film “the meeting Place cannot be changed”, Alexander Beliavsky from the very beginning of his professional career was successful and very employable. He worked for many – starred in multiple projects at once, a lot and very successfully engaged in dubbing, especially he managed comedians, his voice talking – Pierre Richard, Louis de Funes, Jean-Paul Belmondo, benny hill. But the personal life of Alexander Borisovich was filled with terrible tragedies.

His long-awaited firstborn – a son, named after his grandfather Boris, by accident – the supervision of the nanny drowned. It happened on 21 June 75. And 19 years later, in September 1994 killed the second son of actor Andrew. Belyavsky took his baby from the orphanage and raised as his own, concealing the secret of his birth. At age 15 when Andrew learned that foster, it has changed a lot, became silent, withdrawn, and in 20 years have died – his body found under house Windows.

Стали известны подробности гибели Александра Белявского

Alexander Beliavsky grieved at the death of the eldest son and even more the death of the younger. But each time he rose and went on, saving work and love. After the death of Andrew bielawski divorced first wife and married again at the doctor, twenty years younger than him, when the actor was already over 60. The couple had a daughter Alexandra in 2003. But the joy of late fatherhood has been marred by an unexpected illness – Beliavsky was paralysed by a stroke, after which he was never able to recover completely. Because of the inability to work, the actor fell into a depression, almost stopped all contact with colleagues, became a recluse, and as they say, all the time sat at home looking out the window.

The death Beliavsky many colleagues, contrary to the theories of psychologists still consider as an accident, another in a series of tragedies.

Стали известны подробности гибели Александра Белявского “He was so cheerful, and enough of a believer to leave this life on their own because it is a great sin. I’m convinced it was an accident. Let’s not hang him extra weights,” said Director Svetlana Druzhinina.

Despite the controversy surrounding the death of people’s artist Alexander Beliavsky tense, his colleague and friend Svetlana Druzhinina calls, stop looking for reasons and just remember: “Svetlana memory of a wonderful, beautiful, talented actor Alexander Belyavsky,” she says.