Became known date of the wedding of Dmitry Tarasova and Anastasia Kostenko

Стала известна дата свадьбы Дмитрия Тарасова и Анастасии Костенко
Ex-husband of Olga Buzova will soon cease to be a bachelor.

Dmitry Tarasov and Anastasia Kostenko

Photo: Instagram

30-year-old football player Dmitry Tarasov, who
however, has long been considered a secular hero, not sports news, visited
together with his lover Anastasia Kostenko in the musical “Anna Karenina” in Moscow. Ex-husband of Olga Buzova
published in Stories of his Instagram
with the model, and fans do not pay attention to where it is steam
and at the ring on her ring finger.

It certainly looks like an engagement, before
such decoration Anastasia is not worn (the subscribers to its microblog know it
probably because since Kostenko started Dating Tarasov,
it is on the Network “under the microscope”).

After Dmitry and Anastasia finished cultural
the program, she added fuel to the fiery debate of fans about when
held her wedding with football player. In his trademark enigmatic manner girl
announced that very soon her life will be a very important event: wait
stayed for 36 days.