Became known date and place of the upcoming wedding of Miley Cyrus

Стали известны дата и место грядущей свадьбы Майли Сайрус
The love story singer will still be a happy ending.

Стали известны дата и место грядущей свадьбы Майли Сайрус

Miley Cyrus


Miley Cyrus doesn’t hide
his happiness, soon it will become legal supergay her fiance
actor Liam Hemsworth. She has repeatedly said in interviews that
actively preparing for the wedding. However
when she goes down the aisle, the 24-year-old Miley has officially refused to tell. However
her secret was given one of the girlfriends, who shared information with the Australian reporter
the online edition of edition of NW Magazine.

As told by a friend
Cyrus, Liam and Miley, after a long and heated discussion we agreed to get married in Las Vegas. The fact that the lovers have long argued about
about the place where they could marry. Aussie Liam insisted
their wedding took place in his homeland,
where he lives and he and his family. But Miley insisted at the option of California
hinting that only one transport to Australia all her family and friends
which she would like to see the ceremony, they are simply bankrupt. In the end, they agreed on a compromise
. Besides, wedding in Vegas, where you can get married quickly and without much
formalities always seemed to Cyrus a very attractive idea.

As for the date of
ceremony, this loving couple decided not to split hairs. Approval girlfriend Miley
they were married July 4, American Independence Day. Cyrus and Hemsworth
decided: on this day anyway, all their friends will be celebrating, but at the same time
will celebrate their wedding…

Thus, the eight-year (if
you count the break) Roman Miley and Liam
will get finally a happy ending. Because although their love story began in
2009 and they got engaged in 2012, a year after they made the decision
to leave. For three years they were apart, but then could not stand the separation and
agreed again. And at the end of last year, Cyrus has confirmed that Liam again
he proposed to her, and this time they will try not to miss your chance to live
happily ever after.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth