Became known contenders for the legacy of George Michael

Стали известны претенденты на наследство Джорджа Майкла

Active and creative activities of George Michael brought him $ 105 million. Today, when the body of the deceased musician was not yet buried (or cremated), start talking about who would get his fortune.

As the media workers, candidates for inherited cause some doubts. It became known that the inheritance will be distributed among God’s children artist. In particular, we are talking about two children of actor Martin Kemp and two children, cousin of the artist of Andros. But far more commentators are surprised by the presence in the list of candidates the name of the daughter of the former participant of Spice Girls Jerry Halliwell (although the cross was not the George Michael and his ex-lover Kenny Goss).

Concerning the distribution of inheritance are not forgotten and sisters of George, and his beloved, who actually found the dead artist, Fadi Fawaz.

“This Christmas I will never forget. When the first thing I saw in the morning was the body of my partner, peacefully departed to the other world in his bed. I will always miss you,” he broke the silence Fadi.

Recall that George Michael died on Christmas day, December 25. The cause of death according to preliminary data, was heart failure. The actor was 53 years old.