Стала известна причина крушения брака Ченнинга Татума
The actor decided to leave Hollywood.

Стала известна причина крушения брака Ченнинга Татума

Channing Tatum


Jenna Dyfan daughter


the popular publication Radar online was able to find out what brought
once a model Hollywood couple — Channing Tatum and jenna Dyfan — the decision to divorce. As told one of the friends of Channing, a 9-year marriage to Tatum no
strangely, collapsed not because of the infidelity of a spouse.

Despite the fact that went
the rumors that Channing and Jenna from time to time allow themselves to easy
flirting with its partners in the set, these stories were for them only
way a little “fun”. They separated for a reason far removed from love
passions. As told by the friend of Channing, 38-year-old Tatum was disappointed in his Hollywood
career. He repeatedly admitted to friends that definitely “stuck”
stopped in development as an actor. He would like to try, after retiring from the movies, play
on stage, preferably on Broadway. So he persistently tried to persuade jenna to go
from Hollywood to new York. However, Dyfan, by contrast, was pleased with how she
it’s working, and flatly refused to move. It’s just
could seriously damage her career. This “geographical factor” destroyed
their marriage.

divorce Dyfan and Tatum, who met
in 2006, the shooting of the film “Step up”, became known in April of this year. Channing then
stunned his fans statement, which became for them a complete surprise. “Jenna
decided to break up. We fell in love with each other, many years ago, and
since then, our life together was a magical experience. We still love each
other, but love is a journey that can lead, ultimately,
in different ways. None of us is guilty of treason, we just decided to give each
friend the opportunity to live on, so that both were as happy. Besides
well, we’ll still be family and be devoted parents to our daughter …”