Became known cause of death of Maria Natalia Politov

Стала известна причина смерти Марии Политовой
In early December, a young man of the former participants of the TV project “Dom-2” by Maria Natalia Politov has addressed in law enforcement bodies, stating in her disappearance.

Стала известна причина смерти Марии Политовой

The girl left his apartment, this also happened to cure depression. Ten days later Mary’s body was discovered at the cottage of her grandparents.

Стала известна причина смерти Марии Политовой

“On the death of Maria Natalia Politov, the Investigative Department of the city of Shchelkovo of Moscow region was initiated by the verification procedure. It was surveyed relatives and friends of the deceased. Was also conducted forensic medical examination. The results of which established that the girl’s death was caused by poisoning pills, belonging to the group of antidepressants”, – told in law enforcement bodies of Moscow region.

Also in the blood of Mary was discovered the presence of ethanol, respectively, she was in a state of alcoholic intoxication.

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