Ставшая во второй раз мамой Вера Полозкова показала сына спустя пять дней после родов
The poet said, for someone like little ribbons.

Faith sons Fedor and Savva

In late April, Faith became a mother for the second time. On the eve of
the poet showed the younger son Sava, published in the personal microblog common
the photo with the baby. Faith says the boy is very similar to his older
brother — three year old Theodore.

That Polozkova gave birth to her second son, she told herself
through the social network. On the personal page of the writer appeared the picture with
relatives. “Twenty-ninth day threatens to become my favorite number, signed
photo literary star. — 29 Dec 2014 born Fyodor and
today, April 29, exactly forty months, his younger brother Sava. 4100, 57 cm — cool, yet
copy brother.”

Polozkova has already been discharged from the hospital. Now that the weather in
Moscow pleasing warmth and sun, Faith often walks with children. The first walk
little Sawa made five days after his birth.

By the way, Polozkova does not apply to those parents who
I believe that we need to protect babies from the outside world, and in any case
nowhere to go, and especially, not to fly with your child until the child
turns one year old. First flight the eldest son of the poet made when he
it was only six months. Together with a star mother flew from Moscow to
Ivanovo film festival 9th international festival im. Andrei Tarkovsky “The Mirror”.In
the way Fyodor perfectly behaved and felt. At the festival the poet did not leave
with the child for a second and took it everywhere with me. Even at the recital
Faith, where she read her poems, the boy was sitting in the hall.