Beauty years not take: 67-year-old Irina Alferov called the standard of femininity

Красоту годы не берут: 67-летнюю Ирину Алферову назвали эталоном женственности
The daughter of actress shared a rare photo.

Irina Alferova and her mother Ksenia Arkhipovna

Photo: @ksenialferova Instagram Ksenia Alferova

Irina Alferova together mother and daughter walked among the million people on Tverskaya street. Actress family took part in the action “Immortal regiment”, which was held on 9 may in many cities of Russia and the world. A photo with a solemn procession in social networks shared by the daughter of the actress is Ksenia. She shared a picture where he was captured her mother and grandmother — 96-year-old Ksenia Arkhipovna.

Family photo has caused excitement among users of the Network. First and foremost, fans admired the fighting spirit of the stone Arhipovna that, despite his age, continues to lead an active lifestyle. And then, the fans went on to discuss the appearance of Irene. Alferov called the impersonation of natural beauty and femininity.

“Beautiful women are beautiful at any age!”, “Only the rare beauty of women so grow old with dignity”, “the Real beauty years not take!”, “Without any plastics! Natural, beautiful woman!” “Beauty and talent! Femininity is incredible!”, “Here is a true inspiration to many of her age Irene. Learn how to take advantage of the external age-related changes,” write subscribers Irina.

Itself Ksenia, by the way, in the action to participate could not, but I shared with friends a story about war past relatives. She has published several photos of the war years with grandpa, grandma and her brother and told about what a feat made each of them.