Beauty weekend: where to hang out, exercise and healthier

Бьюти-выходные: где тусоваться, тренироваться и оздоравливаться
What new and interesting things happening in the world of beauty of Moscow and beyond?

What to do
on the weekend? Where to go to train in good company (free!)
to try a new treatment to combat pigmentation or listen to great music and at the same time
make yourself colored strands? About this in our digest of interesting events.

Бьюти-выходные: где тусоваться, тренироваться и оздоравливаться

Exercise in the open air in Outlet Village Belaya Dacha

Photo: press service of the Outlet Village Belaya Dacha

weekend training

functional training, Zumba or Pilates? If it is difficult to determine, it is possible
to try everything at once. Outlet
Village White
The country, together with a fitness pass Fitmost launched a series of free
training for the whole summer:
they are held on weekends in the open air until 1
Sep. There you can receive consultations of professional coaches and
athletes. To enroll, go to Fitmost website, register, and then
show the registration code to the organizers at the information center of the village.

Where and when: Outlet Village Belaya Dacha Moscow Region, Kotelniki,
Novoryazanskoe shosse, d. 8 on weekends until 1 September 2018.

Бьюти-выходные: где тусоваться, тренироваться и оздоравливаться

Centre health and beauty Best

Photo: Centre for health and beauty Best

trace elements without giving blood

the ability to quickly and essentially to obtain information about your body without
many tests and many visits to specialists. In the health center and
beauty Best
the unit appeared Oligoscan, which analyzes the body on
the amount of heavy metals, minerals and trace elements. The procedure takes
several seconds: the device is applied to multiple points on the palm and
less than half a minute later it gives result. Photospectrometry analysis shows exceeded or
you have lowered the concentrations of 20 essential minerals and elements and 14 heavy
metals, and analyzes the balance between the major minerals (calcium, magnesium,
potassium-sodium, etc.). As a result, you know whether your digestive tract,
is there a history of diabetes, allergies, heart disease. Can
to sign up for a day off to spend only half an hour, and to go home already
specific recommendations of a doctor.

when: health and beauty, Best, Moscow, Profsoyuznaya street, house
64, korp. 2, 8 (495) 419-55-19 on record.

Бьюти-выходные: где тусоваться, тренироваться и оздоравливаться

Clinic “Gene 87”

where to get rid of pigmentation

In Moscow
is now available procedure, which is already appreciated Irina Shayk, laser correction.
pigmentation simultaneously with the activation of collagen in the dermis ClearLift. Its main difference from analogs –
the lack of rehabilitation period
. The beam acts on the tissue so
quickly that they do not have time to heat up. But this short moment is enough
to lighten pigmentation and improve skin turgor due to activation
the production of collagen. The procedure is shown to those who want to get rid of small
wrinkles, tighten the face to remove acne, dark spots and scars.

You can not
be afraid to do ClearLift summer:
the skin is not damaged, and to be in the sun (naturally, with your standard SPF-protected) is allowed immediately. And
another procedure works perfectly on the neck and decollete. You can get it in Moscow
the clinic, “Gene 87”.

when: clinic “Gene 87”, Moscow, m. Shabolovskaya, street Khavskaya,
house 1, building 1; Moscow Krylatskoe, Autumn Blvd., 12, K 10,
8 (495) 106-01-83, for the record.

Бьюти-выходные: где тусоваться, тренироваться и оздоравливаться

Photo: @lorealhair

Live: music and color

soon, at the upcoming weekend in Moscow will host the annual Park Live festival, which takes place in the city
five years, from 2013. It will last three days: July 27 headliner will be David Guetta, 28th – Gorillaz, and 29th – Massive Attack. During the music marathon,
which will be held in Gorky Park will be the place and the beauty: everyone on
the festival will dye my hair washable Hair jelly Colorista Makeup, L’oreal Paris.

Where and when:
Gorky Park. Bitter, 27-29 July 2018

Line Hair Rituel by Sisley

Photo: @hairrituel

Peter, Sisley, DLT

St. Petersburg also is where to go in anticipation of the weekend to get
a new beauty experience. July 20, the DLT will take place the presentation of the line Hair Rituel by Sisleyto present six new
products for hair care. There will be a diagnosis and massage of the skin
head and receive gifts from the brand.

where: St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Konyushennaya, 21-23a, 20 Jul