Красотка, сместившая Анджелину Джоли, шокировала публику
The actress admitted that she had done to his statue.

Красотка, сместившая Анджелину Джоли, шокировала публику

Alicia Vikander


Alicia Vikander has every reason to be proud, because she was able to take the role
most of Angelina Jolie! Alicia has replaced Jolie as “tomb raider”
Lara Croft, (which once shone Angelina) is in the new movie
released to domestic movie theaters the other day. Not to mention the fact that the two
years ago, Alicia was awarded the dream of any actor — prize Award — the “Oscar”.
Alicia gold-plated statuette handed for her role in the film “Girl from Denmark”.

However, as
admitted on the days of 29-year-old Vikander, as long as she got her prize, actress it
not seen. “I took many pictures, moving from one filming location to another, even
not looking to the end of the suitcases. Maybe I should send my “Oscar”,
not to carry it with you, my mother, in Sweden. But I didn’t. I
entrusted his girlfriend to my daughter for safekeeping, where it still is!” — said Alicia. When reporters
asked whether it is assured for sure that her prize all right, Wicander
said, “Yes, all is well. A girl who cares about my statue,
constantly sends me her new funny pictures: for these pictures she dresses up
“Oscar,” that puts him “to sleep”! “

By the way, Alicia made a shocking confession: she has a kind of plan for his prize. “When
I finally get to it, you will give be converted into a brush …
wash the toilet! It is such a suitable shape that just begs to
they did this to him. In the end, these statues, and to me most cost
without ceremony: someone used it as a doorstop. And Kate Winslet,
example, also keeps it in the toilet. To each
the visitor of this place, she explained, could spend some time alone
with “Oscar”…” said Vikander.

Alicia Vikander in the film “Lara Croft”

Photo: Outnow