Красота наследниц Сталлоне заставила журналистов забыть о правилах
Strict daddy keeps the Cavaliers their daughters in the “iron fist”.

Sylvester Stallone with his wife and daughters


All three daughters
Sylvester Stallone — 14-year-old Scarlett,
18-year-old Sistan and 20-year-old Sofia is so good that forced the journalists — members
The international Association of Press for the first time to deviate from his own rules.
If you are going to do one of those “Miss Golden globe, they were never able to choose who exactly! In the end, for the first time at the ceremony of the prestigious movie awards, which will be held early next year, will be three “Miss Golden globe! About it
reported the online edition of people.com.

In this regard, subsidiaries
Stallone will continue the tradition that was started back in 1963
year — to assist those who will announce the winners of the awards for the star prizes. In Hollywood believed to be “Miss Golden globe is very honorable. Besides, it’s beautiful
a way to Express yourself to the whole world that
can greatly enhance a career in show business. In the past, among
chosen members of the Association were Melanie Griffith, Laura Dern, Francesca Aswad,
Dakota Johnson, Rumer Willis…

Sylvester Stallone, of course, thanked the members of the Association provided for his girls honor. But
as it turned out, he had serious doubts whether or not to allow 14-year-old
Scarlett to participate in the event. Stallone seems she is too
young to plunge into the world of show business. Besides, the younger daughter of the actor itself is not yet torn an actress. While Scarlett is more interested in sports, more precisely,
athletics, which she has managed to succeed by winning responsible

As for
the middle of the sisters — Sistin, successfully labored in the modeling business, she
more concerned how to conduct the ceremony boyfriend.
To prohibit that Stallone, of course, can not. But he keeps the Cavaliers their
daughters in severity, so that they fear him a little. “I hope the Pope will come to
ceremony without his “Bazooka”, which he did not leave in “Rambo!” — joked

As for
senior Sophia, she’s not afraid of anything. The girl to his 20 years had to undergo two serious heart surgery and after that
back to normal life, delights his father with his courage. So all this fuss about
the ceremony it does not bother.