Бьюти-дайдждест: от мейкап-линии Ким Кардашьян для невест до расчесок для собак

Kim Kardashian

Victoria Beckham launches own brand of cosmetics Beauty Victoria Beckham, a married couple from America came up with an unusual method of coloring hair using water guns, and Kim Kardashian in the near future will present a make-up collection for brides. What else was said this week in the world of beauty read our material.

Victoria Beckham launches his own brand cosmetics Victoria Beckham Beauty

After successful work with beauty giant Estee Lauder Victoria Beckham is set to release her own line of cosmetics.
I want to take care of women and to ensure their primary means for makeup, cosmetics for skin care, and fragrances — all than I’ll be happy to use itself and what is on the market has no analogues, — says Victoria.


Co-founder and Executive Director of the company became Sarah Creel, who collaborated Bobbi Brown, and has 25 years of experience in the beauty industry.

Victoria has an innate love of beauty, which manifested itself when she was still very small. This authenticity will affect the entire business strategy, and, as Victoria will monitor, the line will be to develop and flawlessly supervised, said Creel in a statement.

Бьюти-дайдждест: от мейкап-линии Ким Кардашьян для невест до расчесок для собак

Moreover, the designer is going to ask about what they would like to see in her lines, what they do is not enough. “I need to know what they want,” says the former singer. The first collection of cosmetics can be seen as part of London fashion Week show Victoria Beckham fall winter 2019/20. And in the General sale line VBB will appear this fall. It can be purchased on the brand site.

Бьюти-дайдждест: от мейкап-линии Ким Кардашьян для невест до расчесок для собак

Combs for Pet dog Teezer (990 RUB.)

Since the launch of Tangle Teezer in 2007, the experts of the brand had received many queries about creating brushes for your favorite Pets. After three years of research in the field of grooming appeared brand Pet Teezer, and the first products were two special comb for dogs: for untangling and combing of wool.

They are both very similar to “human” combs: the same duplex cloves and material (plastic). Long bristles gently untangle the hair, grabbing the undercoat, while short give smoothness, Shine and prevents tangling.

Бьюти-дайдждест: от мейкап-линии Ким Кардашьян для невест до расчесок для собак

The Teezer comb Pet De-shedding & Dog Grooming Brush with more rigid bristles designed for combing wool. It is ideal for heavily shedding breeds and dogs with long hair.

Бьюти-дайдждест: от мейкап-линии Ким Кардашьян для невест до расчесок для собак

Kim Kardashian launches make-up collection for brides KKW Beauty

Star-reality TV plans to create a makeup collection specifically for brides. The line is inspired by her own way at the wedding with Kanye West. It was announced at the master class makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic in Los Angeles. While no details about the collection there. Apparently we’ll see her at the end of may, it was then that Kim and Kanye will celebrate five-year anniversary of their Union.


The most fun method of dyeing hair

Hairdressers (and couple) Andrew Collette, and Kate Collett may have come up with the most amusing technique of staining of all time, they literally “shoot” the hair of the toy gun. The experts used a small squirt guns filled with paint to create multidimensional colors, which they call “surge kaleidoscope”. The results are incredible, look at that.


If you ever tried to change your hair color yourself, most likely you chose the right shade on the picture on the packaging of paint, applying a lock of his hair to the picture below to understand whether you fit this shade. Or ask for advice from a consultant who just shrugged her shoulders, and you, relying on their own intuition, made the purchase and hoped for a favorable outcome. But it is all over! Garnier experts have figured out how to ease your selection process.

Recently the brand has launched a Virtual Shade Selector, an online application created with the use of technology Modiface. It helps you determine what shade is right for you: ask a few key questions and most importantly — allows you to “try on” a particular color. In America have shelves of paint buyers meet with gadgets and offer them through a one-minute diagnostic test: evaluate the color of the hair, the presence of gray hair and ask about the desired results. Based on these factors, the Virtual Shade Selector recommends the products from the lines for the hair dye Nutrisse, Olia and Color Sensation.

Do not fit the proposed options? Not a problem. The application has a barcode scanner so you can see literally any color from the whole palette Garnier will look on your hair.

When technology gets to our country is unknown, so while you can test a new feature on the website of the brand.

Бьюти-дайдждест: от мейкап-линии Ким Кардашьян для невест до расчесок для собак

Persistent cream and a limited-edition collection of NYX Professional Makeup and Disney

Since last year, Rihanna Fenty has launched a Beauty from 40 shades of Foundation, the rest of the beauty industry also decided not to lag and release the extended palette of their new products. In January, Too Faced announced a partnership with YouTube blogger Jackie Aina and created his line Born This Way Foundation, and now NYX Professional Makeup with Alyssa Ashley introduced a BB cream Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.


The novelty was released in 45 shades (palette one of the most diverse on the market). The tool promises to give the skin a flawless matte finish, it is resistant that you no longer have to worry about smeared cream Foundation sweatshirts, coats and dresses. Moreover, the new product controls the appearance of Shine throughout the day.

But that’s not all! Foundation does not cause acne and is suitable for normal, oily, combination and even sensitive skin. Happy and the price is only 1 100.

Бьюти-дайдждест: от мейкап-линии Ким Кардашьян для невест до расчесок для собак

And the second good news for fans of the brand — 20.02 15.03 in all boutiques and on the official site there will be a limited edition collection of NYX Professional Makeup and Disney created the popular Russian bloggers. When buying from 2500 rubles you get a discount of 20 percent and a classy gift box Disney X NYX PMU, and the purchase of 6 000 will be the proud owner of a sweatshirt with the Princess.

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