Beauty digest: Celine Dion in advertising L’oreal Paris, healthy lifestyle project of Vera Brezhneva

Бьюти-дайджест: от Селин Дион в рекламе L'Oreal Paris до ЗОЖ-проекта Веры Брежневой

Vera Brezhnev and Ursula Kim

Celine Dion signed his first contract with the beauty brand, Urban Decay did a collection dedicated to the final season of “Game of thrones”, the British brand has released Grace Beauty make-up products for people with disabilities. What else was said this week in the world of beauty read our material.

Celine Dion became the face of L’oreal Paris

Celine Dion has sold more than 245 million albums worldwide and has literally written the soundtrack to our lives (anthem All By Myself, for example). The star does not stop there: she recently created a line of gender-neutral children’s clothing Celinununu, and now, at 51, has signed her first beauty contract. This week, French brand L’oreal Paris announced the star as its new global Ambassador. The singer will advertise hair Excellence Hair Color.

Бьюти-дайджест: от Селин Дион в рекламе L'Oreal Paris до ЗОЖ-проекта Веры Брежневой

I finish the show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, will release a new English album and go on tour. And my collaboration with L’oreal Paris is the beginning of something new and amazing. I want everyone to feel that they have the right to freedom of expression: with the help of fashion and beauty, using your voice or using something else. I really admire the fact that the brand allows women to feel beautiful, confident and learn to accept yourself

— said the singer.

Бьюти-дайджест: от Селин Дион в рекламе L'Oreal Paris до ЗОЖ-проекта Веры Брежневой

Urban Decay have made a collection dedicated to “Game of thrones”

Urban Decay announced the creation of the collection, which is dedicated to the final season of “Game of thrones” (Game of Thrones). The line includes 13 tools: long-lasting lipstick (shades of “Cersei Lannister”, “Sansa stark”, “Daenerys Targaryen” and “King of night”), pencils for eyes, a palette of 3D-card in the form of a makeshift iron throne and a trio of shimmers / highlighters “Mother of dragons”.

Of beauty tools: two eye shadow brush — one dedicated to the sword longclaw John snow and the other inspired by the Needle Arya stark.

Бьюти-дайджест: от Селин Дион в рекламе L'Oreal Paris до ЗОЖ-проекта Веры Брежневой

And that’s not all! As unusual looks of tint for lips and cheeks, similar to a vial of blood!

The first series of the long-awaited final will be released April 14, the collection will go on sale the same day as the premiere of the eighth season. It can be found in Sephora and Ulta Beauty. That’s just whether there will be collaboration in Russia, is still unknown.

The British brand has released Grace Beauty cosmetics for people with disabilities

The mission of the British brand of Grace Beauty — make-up more convenient for people with disabilities. For a start, the experts of the brand created three special devices that are attached to the carcass.

Each accessory costs around $ 11 (720 rubles). The ring easy to lift ink off the floor, for example, when she falls. On the newly appeared page in Instagram followers already talk about how glad they are that these accessories will hit the market.

In the past six months I have reduced Negroponte, and I was disappointed in the makeup. Now paint will be much easier.It’s amazing! I have arthritis so do a make at some point, I became incredibly hard. I have fibromyalgia — a condition involving musculoskeletal pain. I’d like to try these new items.Beauty tools Beauty Grace available for pre-order now, officially, sales start on the third of June.

A new project of Vera Brezhneva about freedom from sugar addiction

April 10, the singer Vera Brezhnev and blogger Ursula Kim to launch large-scale 21-day marathon, which aims — freedom from sugar addiction.

I felt the influence of sugar the body decided to eliminate from your diet. In the result my skin is clearer, I have more energy, and in General I now feel better. I want to share my experience and knowledge to help all of you to start to live a healthy lifestyle, — says Vera.
Бьюти-дайджест: от Селин Дион в рекламе L'Oreal Paris до ЗОЖ-проекта Веры Брежневой

For 21 days from April 10, Ursula and Faith together will share with participants useful information, lifehacks and healthy recipes. Oversee the project will also be a nutritionist-dietitian, a psychologist, an endocrinologist, an expert in the trends of healthy nutrition, therapist, and even an astrologer (he’ll tell you how the position of the planets affects the appetite and the General condition of the body).

Бьюти-дайджест: от Селин Дион в рекламе L'Oreal Paris до ЗОЖ-проекта Веры Брежневой

In the process of marathon participants, experts and “the muses” will support each other in real time in private chat (include prepaid options for participants), to share knowledge, feelings and share personal experiences about ongoing transformations (and they are, believe us, definitely!).

You can choose from three packages: basic (free), basic (2 500 RUB) or VIP (10 thousand rubles). After payment you will have access to the developments on nutrition on the website, basic materials expert, the group VKontakte, as well as private chats in Telegram or WhatsApp.

#Pakeitimas: Dove urged advertising agencies to use pictures of ordinary women

Recently started a project #Pakeitimas, which was created by the brand Dove, together with stock photo Agency Getty Images and the company Girlgaze. Its goal is to maintain the diversity of women’s images in media and advertising. Get a collection of five thousand images of women from 39 countries, created by women to break the stereotypical idea of beauty.

We are convinced that diversity behind the lens and in front of him is directly proportional. Joining together a global community of photographers who identify themselves as women, we created images that truly reflect the beauty of women, says Amanda de Cadenet, founder and CEO Girlgaze.

Industry media in recent years has changed dramatically and with every step moving away from the unrealistic, artificially created female images. However, many of the images on the pages of glossy magazines, in advertising, movies, soap operas and social networks continue to broadcast the idealistic standards of beauty.

Each downloaded image from the collection #Pakeitimas support women photographers and will help to complete your collection of photos to the media and advertising industry could reflect the variety of beauty more and more women around the world.

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