Бьюти-блогер советует лечить прыщи банановой кожурой

What will they think of next bloggers in order to cause your skin in perfect condition. Or to… to be famous?

Love bananas? Clever! Now you don’t have to get up off the couch to throw away the peel from your fruit. Beauty blogger from Los Angeles named Habib came up with a new way of getting rid of the rash on the face.

The girl demonstrated on video, in a short time without costly procedures and remedies to get rid of acne! Peel ripe banana Habibi literally driven from his nose rashes.

“Tips: use a banana skin yellow hue or dark spots. In any case do not take green or overripe bananas. Apply the peel to skin and leave on for 2 hours, after which 10 minutes RUB it. You can use this mask daily, and then forget about skin problems. In the banana peel contains lutein, an antioxidant carotenoid and vitamin A – these are the components that will help reduce inflammation”, – has signed a video girl.

By the way, recently beauty bloggers from Los Angeles Nora Mansour and Ani Esmailian invited its fans to replace the expensive tint for lips on the glue!

Video published by H A B I B A (@makeupholic_moon) Jun 25 2016 7:14 PDT

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