Beautiful dates and marriages

Красивые даты разрушают брак

Australian researchers found which days can’t get married.

Quite often couples, planning a wedding, trying to choose for the most important day in your life beautiful or festive date. For example, to get married in Day of Peter and Fevronia July 8, at Red hill, on Valentine’s Day or looking for dates with same numbers, for example, 07.07.2017. To understand the desire of lovers. Many believe that special days bring family happiness will become a kind of mascot. Alas, scientists from the University of Melbourne with this in the horse do not agree.

The results of the research showed that hunters are beautiful and the holidays are getting divorced more often!

How so? For those who came to the wedding carefully planned down to the slightest detail, it would seem, on the contrary, people do not frivolous and confident in their actions. But, statistically, their marriage is cracking at the seams, when the unions of those who have married in the normal days, strong.

What’s the matter? To this question scientists have three answers.

First, according to experts, those who dream of a wedding on a special day, more interested in romance than dream about family life. That is, people want a holiday for the sake of the holiday, not to live with this girl or a man. But such immature relationships are doomed to failure.

Secondly, according to estimates, among those who married on Valentine’s day or any other romantic holiday, dominated by couple, already expecting a baby. Scientists believe that in such cases, a beautiful date is a compensation for the fact that the bride comes down the aisle pregnant and the baby came first. As in the first embodiment, such alliances are short-lived because it often is not out of love but out of duty.

And third, statistics showed that among the married in the beautiful days, but then divorced is dominated by people for whom this is not the first wedding. They try to do everything correctly and beautifully the second time, but often quarrel over ex-wives, husbands and children from previous marriages.

That is, if you put all these arguments together, we get a very banal conclusion: the first thing you need to find someone that you’re 100% sure, and only then think whether you need the passport stamp with three sevens.