Beating wife hockey Warriors became the father

Избивавший жену хоккеист Войнов стал отцом The wife of the athlete gave him a son. The boy was born on Monday. Last summer Vyacheslav Voynov and his fiancee Marta Varlamova organized a magnificent celebration two years after the official registration of marriage.

      Избивавший жену хоккеист Войнов стал отцом

      Hockey player Vyacheslav Voynov for the first time became a father. His wife March Varlamov gave my husband a son. Defender of Petersburg SKA and his wife decided to call the boy a Novel. Couple receives numerous congratulations from colleagues and friends. As it turned out, Martha gave birth to a child on Monday.

      The hockey team of Russia had to raise a daughter Martha Christine from his first marriage. The athlete was able to find a common language with the girl and now directly involved in her life – they often spend time together.

      Last summer Vyacheslav and Mar decided to throw a big ceremony, where they invited a large number of friends and relatives. Despite the fact that the couple has registered their relationship in 2014, they invited guests to celebrate the wedding. Hockey Warriors married the chosen one, which was in prison

      Many people still remember the scandal that erupted in the family Voynov and Varlamova. The fact that a woman’s body in October 2014 recorded a serious beating – injury of cheeks, eyebrows, neck. Despite the fact that the man personally brought his wife to the hospital, the California authorities were adamant. Voinova was sentenced to 90 days in jail and a fine in the amount of $ 700. The lawyer assured the investigation that Martha just said it wrong, as badly spoken English. However, after his release from prison he had to leave the US and return to Russia.

      “We both believe our marriage is happy. He is a good, loving father to his step-7-year-old daughter Kristina, who lives a lot of time with me and Glory. Glory never posed a threat against me or Christine. We are not intimidated by him and not fear him. I can’t even imagine that his actions were completely unable to threaten my happiness or security. Like happiness, or safety of Christina. We live peacefully as a family, we love each other and appreciate that Glory with us,” said March.