Beating cancer Pugacheva of “Buranovskiye grandmothers” is back on the scene

Победившая рак Пугачева из «Бурановских бабушек» вернулась на сцену A few years ago, journalists wrote that participants of “Eurovision” was diagnosed with a serious illness. Natalya Pugachyova had to go to the cancer center. The head of “the Grandmothers from Buranovo” Olga Toktarev told about the health of the artist.
Победившая рак Пугачева из «Бурановских бабушек» вернулась на сцену

28 Oct former soloist of the folk group “Buranovskie grandmother” Natalia Pugacheva will be 83 years old. A few years ago, the actress underwent surgery in one of the Metropolitan cancer centers. The woman had stomach cancer, and she needed urgent medical intervention.

Journalists contacted a colleague of the singer Olga Tuktarova, who spoke about how he feels the participant of “Eurovision-2012”. According to the head of the team “Grannies from Buranovo” (come from Malopurginskoe region of Udmurtia, won the international vocal competition performing under this name), Natalia Yakovlevna does not complain of health problems. Moreover, Pugachev resumed concert activity.

“Our beloved Natalia Pugacheva all now, thank God, fine. (…) She had a successful operation. Well, that time the disease is “caught” – shared Toktarev. Almost three years ago, we celebrated the 80th anniversary of Natalia Yakovlevna we have in the village hall. She then, despite illness, a song for sang, which she invented. Was touching to tears. And now Pugachev, to the best of us speaks again. And as we celebrate her birthday this year, haven’t decided yet”.

That Natalia Pugacheva was forced to go to the clinic, “StarHit” wrote in 2014. Then the representatives of the team said doctors hesitated for a long time before deciding on the surgery. “The situation is critical: it is necessary to do the operation, but bear a heart anesthesia?” Children Natalia Yakovlevna, Valentina, Nina, Galina, Alexander – assured doctors, “Mom we have a strong. Until now she in the garden digs. Let’s see what she’s got strong hands!” And surgeons decided to take a chance” – shared the then head of the “Buranovskiye grandmothers” Xenia Rubtsov.

Once the artist changed their name, they have minimized travel for long distances. Now the singer prefer to speak in his native country. However, sometimes they do happen to travel to other city or country, in particular in Finland. Grandma no longer work with the producer Xenia Scar, because they have ended the contract.

During a recent interview with reporters Olga Toktarev, leader of “Grandmothers of Buranovo”, said that he plans to present Natalia Pugacheva birthday. “Usually we give money, she can do what she needs to buy it,” she said “Express newspaper”. The representative folk group also added that the fall in the group will be celebrating two 80th anniversary – birthdays will be held at Catherine Shklyaeva and Valentina, Petchenko.