Beating cancer Michael Douglas delighted fans

Победивший рак Майкл Дуглас порадовал фанатов
71-year-old actor was awarded the honorary award.

Победивший рак Майкл Дуглас порадовал фанатов

Michael Douglas

Photo: Splash News/East news

The emergence of a 71-year-old
Michael Douglas at the annual ceremony of awarding the “Actors Fund Gala” a very
pleased his fans. The actor, in spite of the continuously changing rumors of relapse
cancer, looked healthy and happy. Michael smiled much and with pleasure
posed for photographers. By the way, it is possible that good mood Douglas
contributed the highest award ceremony — Medal of honor, which he was
awarded that evening.

And just a few months
ago, Michael was awarded another honorary award. For his services in
cinema Douglas received the French césar award. “All my life
admired the work of Directors such as Lelouch, Truffaut, Malle, and Godard. So
this prize is so important to me. I get it in the country that gave the world cinema!”
— turned to the audience, Douglas.

To beat cancer Michael
managed in 2011, and since then the Network regularly reports about the alleged
renewed the actor a terrible disease. But fortunately, every time
they are nothing more than rumors. Now Douglas spends a lot of time with his
wife — Catherine Zeta Jones, with whom he had reunited in 2013.
Recently celebrity couple even gave myself a romantic weekend away, going
relax on the ski resort aspen. By the way, it was there 16 years ago Michael
his wife made an offer hands and hearts. Incidentally, some time ago, Douglas told how difficult he was to save the marriage with Catherine. “This has required enormous, sustained effort. And if at least one of us become discouraged and give up, this idea wouldn’t have worked!” — told the actor.

Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones, sometime

Photo: Splash News/East news

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