Победивший рак Андрей Гайдулян заговорил о забвении The artist believes that the man should always work. Andrew Hagolan tried not to sit idle, but was upset that the auditions don’t work. He admitted that at some point he had apathy.
Победивший рак Андрей Гайдулян заговорил о забвении

The star of the series “SASHATANYA” Andrew Hagolan last year was able to overcome a terrible disease – Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The man spent a long time in Germany and I am glad that thanks to the treatment restored health. Fellow artists were looking forward to his return. Hagolan happy that during his absence on the set haven’t forgotten about him. The man remembered that in his life happened when he was left without a job. Andrew admitted that it was not the best of times.

“In 2011 or 2012, when I finished acting in “the University”, and the series “I” haven’t started, a year spent with virtually no work. Casting repeatedly over a breakup, so walking on them is sick, there is apathy. I played in the theater, but it happened not so often, and earnings sufficed for a short while. I spent that year, mostly lying on the couch. Lay and watched the series in English. Did not admit, but now I understand that I had some despair,” said the actor.

Hagolan believes that a man should not sit idle. The actor remembered that he had to constantly go to auditions, although they didn’t bring visible results. Andrew understands that’s part of the acting profession. However, the star of the series “I” do not consider shameful to work not on a speciality. He said that for the money, worked as a postman, the fitter, but didn’t quit playing in the theater.

Now, the artist is also not afraid to realize themselves in different spheres. Not so long ago, he opened his own business. Andrew tried his hand as a restaurateur. The man admitted that he loves Italy, and therefore decided to create a cozy Sunny area of the country in Moscow. He did not hesitate personally to entice visitors, often abroad met the owners who served the guests.

“Here I am in the opening days of imagining myself as the welcoming Italian owner, personally handing out flyers on the street, calling in a new pizzeria and realized that a little overestimated their fame. Most passed by, not paying attention to me, some people do learn, but some looked at me like I was a scum artist. Probably thought: “wow, how the actor life has not worked, handing out flyers”. Didn’t realize that tout is not anyhow what a pizzeria, and in his own,” – said Hagolan.

Andrew admitted that while he had a small restaurant in a residential area of Moscow. The actor has shared his reasoning with the correspondent of the newspaper “Telenedelya” and stated that it transferred illness made him feel braver. Andrew Hagolan: “the Illness changed me, I realized the real price of life”

“Was by far the bolder, – concludes the artist. – I was a man too careful: I was very scared to lose money and the opportunity to earn them, for fear of losing their job, afraid of not justify someone’s expectations — it was constant oppression… Now ceased to postpone the implementation of desires in the distant “then”.