Beating cancer Andrew Hagolan saves the life of a child

Победивший рак Андрей Гайдулян спасает жизнь ребенку Russian actor, who has been cured of a serious illness, said yesterday birthday. The star of TV series was 32 years. On this feast, he told the fans about his decision to start to help other people in distress.

      Победивший рак Андрей Гайдулян спасает жизнь ребенку

      In his microblog actor Andrew Hagolan appealed to his fans to request to help children who suffer from health problems. In Instagram the movie star left the following message.

      “The previous year, of course, changed me forever. Recently I find it difficult to pass someone else’s grief, though I try, otherwise you’ll go crazy. Very often I write the parents of sick children with a request to repost to help raise the money and every time I want to help. Sometimes I even recite some of his pennies. But I can’t repost without being sure that it is not the scammers who took money for my treatment. Somehow it seems to me that I’m not the only one who wants to help and is ready to place these ugly photos with sick children, cut the words “Urgent gathering…”, or just send back their 100 rubles,” – wrote Gidulyan. The actor offered his help because he knows how hard it is to people when their sick loved one. He will drive and communicate with the families affected by this tragedy. The star also promised to place people on his page in the social network.

      Following the call of Andrew showed a family with a toddler who needs to receive a liver transplant in Belgium. They live in St. Petersburg, and the boy needs expensive medical care.

      “Vadim is a welcome and long-awaited child. In the first days of life the baby felt good, on the fourth day Vadik manifested alarming symptoms – severe yellowing of the skin, heart murmur. The child’s condition began to deteriorate rapidly and after a full examination he immediately put some heavy diagnoses,” he told the story of baby Andrew.

      Doctors assess the child’s condition as serious but stable. The boy needed surgery for a liver transplant. Experts recommended that the family of the boy to pose this question in a Belgian hospital Saint-Luc, which has rich experience of carrying out such procedures to children with similar pathologies.

      The actor, known to TV viewers for the TV series “Univer”, called to help the mother of the baby Alexandra Prokhorova to raise funds for the surgery. Fans supported the star.

      How to help:

      Card “Savings” 5469 5500 3877 1835


      SMS to the number 7715 with the word “Miracle” (Chudo) indicating the amount you’re willing to sacrifice.

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