Beating a foster daughter of the teacher reproaches himself for cruelty

Избивавшая приемную дочь учительница корит себя за жестокость Love Swartkop said that was the reason for the unacceptable attitude to the child. She repented and asked for forgiveness for his restraint. The woman hopes that she will return to little Veronica.
Избивавшая приемную дочь учительница корит себя за жестокость

Recently the entire country was rocked by the horrific footage of the teacher of geography Love Swartkop from Pervouralsk beating a seven year old foster daughter Veronica. 38-year-old woman struck the child blows with a belt and was pulling his ears. As it turned out, everything that happens in the apartment rented civilian spouse of a teacher, but did not attempt to rescue the babe from the mother’s anger. Now the girl was taken to the guardianship, but the Love itself was put under house arrest and dismissed from school.

In the program “Let them talk” Swartkop got in touch with the Studio of the First channel. She told me that was the reason for such ill-treatment of daughter.

“It is very difficult to say one word. Just could not resist. I understand I hurt her but I hurt too, confessed through tears woman. – I’m this kid invested all the time. Picked it up from the pit, we started with the sound “a”, now a common program. For five years rose to that level.”
Избивавшая приемную дочь учительница корит себя за жестокость

Guests in the Studio was outraged that attitude of love for Veronica. She was trying to prove to the experts that she not a bad person and a decent teacher. “I have repented a long time ago that caused the child pain. When they get in response is unknown, what I do not want to see,” admitted Swartkop.

The shooting of the program came a former civilian spouse of a teacher of geography Pavel Rodionov. He talked about the shooting video in order to protect themselves from accusations of child-beating. The man reported that some people thought that the bruises Veronica appeared from behind him. However, the Love did not talk about whether raised a hand to the girl her lover. The experts were outraged that the man does not intervene in the family drama and didn’t protect a seven year old little girl. According to Paul, he stood up for the child – otherwise the record would have lasted longer.

Избивавшая приемную дочь учительница корит себя за жестокость

As it turned out, the man posted this video after I broke up with the girl. Experts have been wondering why he hesitated and did not try to resolve the situation within the family. Guests in the Studio against Rodionova.

“I wanted to beg her forgiveness and to thank those who are on my side. I apologize to Vickie, because without it is very bad to live,” asked Love Swartkop.