Избитый за внешний вид блогер Стас Думкин скончался в Москве Today family and friends said goodbye to a young man. Stas Dumkin died a few days ago. He faced three passers-by who do not like his style. After a scuffle, he was taken to the hospital.
Избитый за внешний вид блогер Стас Думкин скончался в Москве

More than a week ago, a blogger Stanislav Dunkin went to the center of Moscow for a walk with friends – a friend and two girls. However, in Gorky Park a group of young people drew the attention of three strangers in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. They were attracted by the appearance of 25-year-old boy – he was wearing glasses and a hat. As a result of fight Dumkin fell on the pavement and received head injury. After that he was taken to hospital, but doctors were unable to save him. He died seven days later, never regaining consciousness. Relatives of the young man said that a criminal case, the identity of the suspects is established, however, until they are arrested.

“We came from Petersburg as soon as the son has stopped communicating. Now we are at a loss. Us during that time even the police didn’t call, didn’t ask. We didn’t even know how it all happened. We know nothing,” – said the father of the deceased.

Friends of Stanislav also mourn for the dead friend and hope that justice will be served and the perpetrators punished. Today family and friends held a young man on his last journey.

“A few days ago law enforcement friends of Stas in said already established killers. Yesterday, I have no idea who to suspect. Today was the goodbye Stas. Judging by the way things are going, everything will remain the Stas in the ground, and they are at liberty,” wrote buddy Dumkina.

Actor Stanislav Shmelev, known for the TV series “Ranetki” and “Club”, said that for a long time was friends with the blogger. Shortly before his death, the artist thought about it and published an archival photo.

“The picture was taken on the first iPhone. It is my friend and the namesake of the Stas. He was my reader from St. Petersburg, I am his reader from Moscow. First we have long had only read each other, and then met in real life. Stas turned me on Zenit, I have it on Moscow. Because of the enthusiasm Zenit I once after the match went to a paddy wagon, and later to the police, and namesake came to Moscow even moved to the capital,” – wrote the artist.

Parents can’t recover from grief. They said the publication of Life, which is very proud of his son.

“Stas was such a person, bright, he was always surrounded by friends. Yes, he liked to wear a hat. He’s very calm, non-confrontational, drank, studied just great,” admitted father Dumkina.