Beaten Dj Smash shared details of rehabilitation

Избитый Dj Smash поделился подробностями реабилитации
The musician was released on bond after the attack.

Избитый Dj Smash поделился подробностями реабилитации

Dj Smash

Photo: @Instagram Dj Smash djsmash

Dj Smash, beaten 12 February in Perm bar, shared with fans details of recovery after the incident. He said that in the next month can’t eat nothing but soup and smoothies. It’s all about the plate, “life” established musician after received the broken jaw.

“Thank you for your thousands of letters, kind words of support, your love and care. It all helps me to recover, to feel strong and understand that history will not remain without your attention until the end, evil will be punished and I hope any of us anything like this no longer happens.

In a network there was video of the beating DJ Smash

I’m doing good, do not even go, and flying to her with your incredible support. There are still three weeks of hospital food through a straw — can you feel the soups, smoothies and shakes are now long in my black sheet. Alas, all concerts and performances for the next month is cancelled, but I have so many creative thoughts that I am sure new tracks are coming soon! Thank you! Embrace and appreciate!” — shared the latest news Dj Smash.

The fans hope that their idol will rapidly overcome the period of adaptation and return to performance. We will remind that investigation on the case of beating Dj Smash has not been completed yet.