Beaten chief editor of “Vzglyad” feared for his life

Избитая шеф-редактор «Взгляда» опасается за свою жизнь The woman is afraid that released the attacker again raise a hand on her. Well-known journalist Dmitry Zakharov told “StarHit” the details of the investigation into the attack on former chief editor of the program “Vzglyad” Lyudmila Moseyko. Colleagues 63-year-old women claim that will stop at nothing to the offender was punished according to the law.
Избитая шеф-редактор «Взгляда» опасается за свою жизнь

A shocking story was told on his page on “Facebook” the journalist Dmitry Zakharov. May 26, in her apartment building in the heart of Moscow, was brutally beaten by ex-chief editor of the program “the View” Lyudmila Moseyko. Brutal attack the woman was subjected because of the fact that interceded for the elderly janitor, which was beaten by the neighbor. The next victim of a furious madman was exactly it. The victim Lyudmila Moseyko now support her former colleagues-journalists of the program “Vzglyad”. The 63-year-old female from close relatives only old mother and a cousin. “Vzgljadov” not only hired Lyudmila Moseyko security, but also trying to follow the course of a criminal investigation, which gives them a lot of different issues. Chief editor of the program “the View” brutally beaten in Moscow

On the eve of “StarHit” contacted the journalist Dmitry Zakharov, one of the leading program “the View” to learn all the details first hand.

Избитая шеф-редактор «Взгляда» опасается за свою жизнь“We have a lot of questions even down to how composed medical examination. Somehow, it stated that Mila’s was only a broken collarbone. Not a single word about the fact that she had a broken nose, jaw and a lot of injuries, there is no, – said Dmitry Zakharov. – The malefactor is incriminated a soft article, 112 – beating average weight. But we should be talking about serious injuries, and perhaps even attempted murder.”
Избитая шеф-редактор «Взгляда» опасается за свою жизнь

According to Dmitri Zakharov, a witness to the beating Ludmila was her cousin. The woman immediately rushed to call for help. Five Tajiks barely managed to pull his attacker Michael Pesochin. “If not for these guys, he would have finished Mila”, – said Dmitry Zakharov. Attacked Lyudmila Moseyko, now lives in fear for his life. Despite the obvious danger that Michael is able to others, he was released under recognizance not to leave.

Избитая шеф-редактор «Взгляда» опасается за свою жизнь

“Mila is afraid that he will finish it. I hired her protection, and her mother accompany men of large stature, who will not allow anyone to approach these women. And yet, to avoid this beast, Mila moved from his mother’s apartment in “Khrushchev” Altufevo” – continues Dmitry Zakharov.

In a conversation with “StarHit” the former host of “the View” and talked about how awesome the editor was Lyudmila Moseyko.

“It was not equal, – says Zakharov. – It can safely rely, always all was well organized. I know that Mila is a vegetarian, had never tried alcohol, didn’t wear makeup. She is a master of sports in gymnastics, people in a highly respectable and intelligent”.

Michael Pisochyn, brutally beaten Lyudmila Moseyko, once owned a service station, then went bankrupt, the master-receiver in one of the garages in Moscow. he’s 49 years old. “He tells everyone that a former intelligence officer, served in the GRU, – says Dmitry Zakharov. – Apparently it’s quite a frail man. To fight much only with women.”

According to Dmitry Veniaminovich, now their main task is to ensure that the offender does not escape from punishment. The process involved almost everyone who was related to the creation of the program “Sight”, which this year celebrates its thirtieth anniversary, including a former program Director and now General Director of OTP Anatoly Lysenko.

On the advice of friends Lyudmila Moseyko wrote the appeal to Prosecutor’s office with a request for reclassification of criminal article for Michael Pesochin with mild to more severe. Now the question about who of well-known lawyers will represent the interests of the victim – Anatoly Kucherena, or Alexey Tsaplin.

“I wrote a letter to the Office of the President, – says Dmitry Zakharov. – I received a reply that it was sent for validation to the Moscow Prosecutor’s office and the interior Ministry. As I understand it, if not shout from the Kolokoltseva or Seagulls, all that will happen next. But I’m not going to stop under any circumstances. You know what they say, in war and in love all means are good. Michael Pisochyn should be severely punished for his offence”.