Beaten by Justin Bieber fan threatened him with court

Избитый Джастином Бибером фанат пригрозил ему судом
The singer was smashed in the face fan to the blood.

Избитый Джастином Бибером фанат пригрозил ему судом

Justin Bieber


Kevin Ramirez

An unpleasant incident happened yesterday
Justin Bieber in Barcelona, maybe
to have even more undesirable for the singer consequences. 18-year-old Kevin
Ramirez, who said that Justin treated him harshly and unjustly, is preparing
sue 22-year-old Bieber to court. This was reported by the newspaper The Sun.

This story happened when Justin, is extremely popular in this country
arrived in Barcelona to practice Spanish as part of her concert tour Purpose. And that’s when Bieber was driving in the car with the window open on
his speech, his car got stuck in the crowd of fans. One of them (it was
Ramirez) suddenly approached the car and, reaching through the window, grabbed
Bieber’s shoulder. Justin’s reaction was instantaneous: he slapped a fan
punched in the face, breaking the lip volume.

Ramirez stated that he is offended and intends
to achieve through the courts that Justin was punished. “I didn’t want to do anything
bad, just to touch their idol!” he said. But not everyone agrees with
assessment of the incident, which he gave to the victim. So, one of the fans of Justin,
also present at the scene of the incident, said: “I heard the guy before
this story boasted that easily can hit Bieber, if faced
with him face to face. In other words, that Ramirez was going to attack Justin, but
Bieber was simply ahead!”

In fact, fans of ex-boyfriend Selena Gomez really are
itself, sometimes quite wildly. So, last week, when the singer was performing in Prague
one of his fans managed to almost completely pull off the Bieber pants!
Justin saved his bodyguard: he failed to prevent itself
the incident, but managed to cover up the bare “sirloin” part of the body of the singer.

Some colleagues at the Bieber show business
I also believe that Justin had a full
the right to self-defence. “I would have done exactly the same, because I myself suffered from
action fans. They chased me, climbed into my car, terrorized
I…” – admitted the actor David Hasselhoff, star of Baywatch. But
of course, not all share the view Hasselhoff.