Beaten by her husband of Alena Kravets shared his experience with Olga Kozachenko

Избитая мужем Алена Кравец поделилась опытом с Ольгой Казаченко The wife of the musician recently came under attack. Alena Kravets, who talked about the fact that her ex-husband raised her hand. However, the man realized his mistake, begged forgiveness, and the first of June again went down the aisle with the beloved.
Избитая мужем Алена Кравец поделилась опытом с Ольгой Казаченко

On Monday, the fourth of June, was held the next court hearing of the singer Vadim Kazachenko against his wife Olga. In the end, the mother of his child managed to save one million rubles, which the man spent on her. But at the meeting something unexpected happened for the young mother if the artist walked up to her, grabbed him by the back of his head and forcefully pushed forward. Kozachenko was invited to the Studio program “Let them talk”, to talk about what happened. Vadim Kazachenko has lost a court ex-fiancee

But Olga was not easy to even enter the hall – the first time she barely appearing in front of an audience, went backstage. Later she found the strength and came back. The young woman seemed disoriented and upset.

“I think Vadim Kazachenko by the love of his life. Everyone says that I’m a fan, maybe it was. From childhood he liked you, even when discussing him, I said, “so in the soul the feeling of 12 years to a stranger,” recalled Olga.
Избитая мужем Алена Кравец поделилась опытом с Ольгой Казаченко

Now, however, relations between spouses is far from romantic. Male has not dreamed about the baby from Olga and insists that their marriage was a sham. He now lives with Irina Amanti – they got married last year. Now the man admits that he has two spouses, but because he sees his behavior in court as educational measures.

Избитая мужем Алена Кравец поделилась опытом с Ольгой Казаченко“The husband has the right to discipline his wife, what methods to decide to her husband. Husband will take educational measures. Had been several years liberal watched that for a year and a half. Wife is not a dog, a husband too, but she is not obliged to ask permission for the action to go on TV to show the baby. It is the dust from my shoes, lies, insults, offends wife Irina Amanti. This is my personal family matter. Once I have two wives, one I live and another I’d like to bring up,” – said Kozachenko in his microblog.
Избитая мужем Алена Кравец поделилась опытом с Ольгой Казаченко

Olga admitted that she had hoped for a quick end to an unpleasant story after this meeting. Kazachenko dreams that all ended peacefully and without scandal, but now she has to hear unpleasant words in his address.

“Took over the back of the head to make her understand what I seriously. This schmuck was not cut, she thinks that the whole life is a television show. Let fears”, – cited the words of a musician.
Избитая мужем Алена Кравец поделилась опытом с Ольгой Казаченко

However, the singer Natalia Shturm suggested that Olga herself is to blame for such developments, alleged that she provoked his emotions. Lawyer Kate Gordon was horrified by these words. She pointed out that this position is very beneficial to those who commit crimes.

The Studio program “Let them talk” came Alena Kravets. A year and a half ago she was told that she was beaten by ex-husband Ruslan, but recently was able to beg for forgiveness, and they were married. The artist does not deny that the nature of men is despotism and tyranny, but he promised to control myself.

Many in the Studio have suggested that the story of Alena and Olga in something of a hike, however, in the case of Kravets man never asked to return the money spent. Ruslan, too, became a party to the transfer. He expressed his opinion concerning the words Kazachenko in the address of his wife.

“Man no matter how mad, can be broken. To do this, but publicly say this about his wife – beneath the dignity of men”, – said Kravetz.