Beaten by her husband Elena Ksenofontova talked about the hard struggle with cancer

Избитая мужем Елена Ксенофонтова рассказала о тяжелой борьбе с раком
The actress has made several candid confessions.

Elena Ksenofontova

Photo: freeze-frame of the program “Let them talk”

Elena Ksenofontova recently openly spoke about his difficult fate. The actress told in details about all the hardships of life in an interview to Andrey Malakhov during the filming of the show “Let them talk”.

It turned out, several years ago Helen was diagnosed with brain cancer. Because the formed tumors it suffered from a wild pain and batches used painkillers. Despite the encouraging forecasts, the actress was able, fortunately, to defeat the dangerous disease.

Some time later, in the house of the actress knocked a new problem. Deeply pregnant by her third husband, Alexander Red, she lost the baby… the Tragedy happened, probably due to severe stress. Later, the couple still born daughter Sofia.

Not so long ago, fate gave the star of the TV series “Hotel Eleon” a new challenge. The fact that the court issued Ksenofontova conviction. The actress pleaded guilty in the case about beating of her husband. Elena was shocked by this turn of events. Originally she filed for her husband in court. According to Ksenofontova many years, she could not decide to “take out the garbage” from the house and call the police.

“Exactly a year ago on false charges of former civil husband and the father of my daughter in the magistrate court of the Presnya district a criminal case was initiated in a private prosecution of a crime under part 1, article 116 of the criminal code (hooliganism). A year (more than 25 sessions!) I was trying to prove innocent, that neither I, he attacked me and I just defended myself! It had everything: plenty of witnesses, including the one that was in the time of the conflict in the house, and saw with my own eyes, as he sat on me and twisted arms; my fixed a beating in fracture clinic, medical examination, confirming a beating; report of the district, etc. But in vain. 26th December 2016, the magistrate handed me a guilty verdict, absolutely ignoring all of the above and taking for the truth of the testimony of the plaintiff….” — said Elena.