Избившего DJ Smash экс-депутата осудили на два года колонии The actor is happy that justice has been served, and offenders will incur due punishment. Ex-Deputy and the master of sports on hand-to-hand combat with his friend, DJ Smash inflicted severe injuries in a night club. The musician appealed to the court below urged the attackers to justice.
Избившего DJ Smash экс-депутата осудили на два года колонии

In early February, Andrew Shirman, better known as DJ Smash, was severely beaten during a concert in one of the Perm night clubs. He was attacked by the master of sports on fighting Alexander Telepnev, the former Deputy of legislative Assembly of the Perm region. As it turned out, a man now, and his friend Sergey Vankevich received two years of imprisonment in a colony-settlement. The court found that the defendants have caused harm to health of average weight of hooliganism. Initially, the assistant U.S. attorney Anastasia Mamoshin asked to deprive of freedom telepneva and Vankevich three and a half years.

“We are pleased with the verdict, from the very beginning, Andrew was important, not the severity of punishment, and its inevitability. He showed integrity and achieved the initiation of the case and the real answer for the defendants to demonstrate that any crimes against persons will be punished, despite the wealth and the status of Deputy”, – said the “StarHit” the artist’s lawyer Ruslan Koblev.
Избившего DJ Smash экс-депутата осудили на два года колонии

It all started at a party where DJ Smash was the invited guest. Vankevich asked the musician to make them re-photograph. Having been refused, he knocked the guest from the capital on the floor. Seeing what is happening, help arrived, Telepnev, however, to the misfortune of the actor, not then, to calm down buddy. In the end, schirman was in the hospital with severe injuries – he couldn’t speak due to the fact that he put on the jaw plate.

After the conflict drew the attention of the Network and attracted public attention, the master of sports tried to shield himself. He denied his involvement in the beating, but later it turned out that Telepnev and Vankevich were in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Many of his colleagues in show business supported the artist. The Shirman was important that everyone understood the responsibility for their actions.

Избившего DJ Smash экс-депутата осудили на два года колонии“Thank you to all who supported me for the past five months, it’s not just my victory it is a victory of our society. Thanks to all my friends, especially to my brother Timothy for their invaluable contribution. Now each resident of Perm, every Russian can be sure that wealth and the status of Deputy does not help to avoid responsibility for the crimes committed. Thank law enforcement and judicial authorities in the region for the objective result of the case. Next, this week will be considered the second thing about beating Gleba. in the same club for a month before I did. So Telepnev will soon receive a bonus,” – said the musician.

Now DJ Smash healthy and continues to be. At the closing of the world Cup in Moscow, he sang his most famous song “Moscow Never Sleeps”.