Beaded jewelry

Украшения из бисера

Since ancient times people have created amazing ornaments from beads. In our days they still enjoy the attention and popularity. Offer you own hands to create an original beaded brooch.

Украшения из бисера

Brooch “Fairy”

In the manufacture of this product, apply the technique of “Narcissus.

We used large blue faceted beads, brown seed beads, silver seed beads, smaller silver beads and 1 large bead-core. You can use the material of another color.

Manufacturing technology

Score on thread length 80 cm 8 beads with large holes. Tie a ring, leaving a tail of thread, a length of about 5-10 cm.

Weave 8 petals in accordance with the scheme.

To weave on the tops of the petals “Pico” according to the scheme, but between the petals, in contrast to the weaving of the pendant “Princess”, not to insert the control room, and the flash standing in the course of the beads-tops.

Украшения из бисера

“Pico” can be woven and one pass of a thread. To do this, you dial as usual 8 beads for the base, then get out of bead number 1, type 1 glass beads (side), 1 bead, 1 bead (top), and 4 beads for the “Pico” (you can play with the size). Reverse with stitched a large bead of top of the petal, the filament tightens recruited 1 more bead to the top of petal, 1 bugle (lateral), entering the bead of the No. 1 base of the flower, bead No. 2 and further in accordance with the scheme. This is the first stage. The second stage, we pass on the beads and the beads of the vertices of the petals, enhancing the pendant.

Украшения из бисера

Next, draw the middle of our brooches. Without tearing the threads (if the thread has ended, it is necessary to increase: to bind the new and the old dock), we leave any beads of the base, recruit 1 beads, 1 bead, includes a return stroke in the bugle, bypassing the bead, and enter the next bead of the base. Thus our weave “bead fur”. The “needles” are located between the beads of the base.

Weave 1 more row “bubbly fur.” Leave any beads the base of the flower, for example from right to left, we collect 3 beads of same color and 1 smaller bead of a different color, are the reverse of the typed in the first 3 beads, passing the latter, and go into the same bead base as well from right to left. Next, enter in the following in the course of the bead base and continue to weave under the scheme. Sew in the middle of the bead.

Украшения из бисера

Suspension. During weaving of pendants you can use any number of beads, alternating the colors. In our case we went through three beads of vertices adjacent petals, performed first long suspension 1 and suspension 2 consisting of a smaller number of beads included in 5 of the last dialed beads pendants 1, then — in extreme (right) bead of the top of the eighth petal. Next went backward move through all 3 beads to the top of the petal and through the 2 beads of the second petal, performed 3 similar to the suspension sling 2, tied the thread on the broach.

Then returned (without violating the scheme of weaving) to the top of the first petal and have done 3 suspension — 4, 5, 6.

Sew a brooch clasp to the back. It can be finished and hardware and a small his.

Украшения из бисера

Bracelet of big beads

In the manufacture of this product used the technique of weaving the main chain and the overlay.

We used large faceted blue beads and silver and gold beads. You can use the material of another color.

Manufacturing technology

Weave a basic chain of large beads required length.

Do overlay one of the methods (see pp. 33-36). For example, use this option.

Украшения из бисера

Украшения из бисера

Do the same on the overlay on the other side.

Sew clasp (Fig. 63-65). Always sew the zipper a new thread, to be able to doblesti or repair the product if necessary.

Украшения из бисера

Украшения из бисера


In the technique of “Narcissus”, it is possible to weave a delicate flower any number of petals (development of the Leningrad school of beadwork).

Manufacturing technology

Type in thread length 80 cm a few beads with large holes (in our case — 8 pieces).
Link beads ring, leaving a tail of thread, about 5-10 cm Ring tighten and insert the needle into a bead

No. 1. This is the Foundation of the future of the first petal.

Log in with a needle in bead # 1 and bead next to No. 2. This is the basis for the next petal. The thread is not secure.

Dial on the needle 1 beads, 5 beads, the latest beads don’t type it, we enter into the beads of the first petal and bead No. 2, then in bead No. 3.Weave the third petal.

Украшения из бисера

The thread dial on any odd number of beads, in our case it is 1 beads, 5 beads, 1 bugle.

Similarly weave the rest of the petals up to the penultimate inclusive. According to the scheme, for the last petal will only need the beads to the top, as the side connecting elements (in our case glass beads) were recruited.

Pass the needle in bead No. 1, and it is possible, without tearing of the thread in the middle of the base to sew a large bead. Exit beads No. 1 recruited a large bead and enter a bead in No. 5, which is fixed diametrically opposed. Pass the needle, without violating the scheme of weaving, the beads of the base to the left tail of the thread, tied, cut, burned.

As a lateral connecting elements can be used as beads, and the beads or the wheelhouse.

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