Пляжное фото Преснякова без плавок вызвало шквал критики
Rare fans stood up for the singer and his family.

Vladimir Presnyakov’s son Artemy

Photo: @presnyakovvladimir Instagram

Vladimir Presnyakov, taking with him his wife and little son, escaped for a few days from the capital to Israel. There the couple intend to recover before the upcoming summer performances. Celebrity couple actively shared with fans photo and video materials from a trip.

On the eve of one of such pictures was the cause of contention ardent fans of the artists. It Junior Presnyakov — Artemy appeared before the followers of Vladimir completely naked. While fans have hit the singer and his wife with the criticism regarding the fact that their son is on the beach without a bathing suit.

“Only Russian tourists chase their kids naked on beach”, “What kind of Soviet remnants? The only thing is that when kids panty, sand sometimes gets there, where it is not necessary, and there are problems with inflammation, for example”, “This looks terrible… When the child no panties, I must wear!” write to Natalia and Vladimir fans.