Battle of the heirs Spartaka Mishulina: loud statements, DNA tests and the courts

Битва наследников Спартака Мишулина: громкие заявления, ДНК-тесты и суды 22 Oct famous actor would have turned 91. “StarHit” recalls the recent scandal around the family Spartaka Mishulina. Possible son of stars of the Soviet screen still insists on a relationship with him.
Битва наследников Спартака Мишулина: громкие заявления, ДНК-тесты и суды

The famous Soviet actor Spartak Mishulin died 12 years ago, but the passion surrounding his name do not cease until now. So, in the beginning of October 2017 the hero of the program “Let them talk” was Timur Eremeev, claiming that he is the illegitimate son of the artist. The only daughter of film stars were shocked by such statements.

“I thought it was complete nonsense, – said the actress. – At every word a contradiction.”

Today, the actor would have celebrated another birthday. Spartacus Mishulina would have turned 91. “StarHit” decided to look into the scandal.

Битва наследников Спартака Мишулина: громкие заявления, ДНК-тесты и суды


Timur Eremeev argues that from childhood knew who the father was. The young man often visited the theatre, where he worked Spartak Vasilyevich.

The illegitimate son of Spartaka Mishulina was found with the alleged sister

After several controversial interview with Timur became the guest of the program “Let them talk”. In the broadcast of the daughter of an actor, Karina denied one of the statements Eremeeva. She stated that she visited the place of his father and did not notice behind the scenes there are no strangers.

The alleged sister of Timur said that he learned about the existence Eremeeva from the press. The young man was willing to share any facts from the biography.

“I don’t deny his word, I am ready to answer for his statements. Like the story of my life can offend and hurt anyone at all”, – said Timur.

In turn, Karina Mishulina decided to sue the alleged relative, accusing him of libel. October 26 to be held the final hearing on the case.

Битва наследников Спартака Мишулина: громкие заявления, ДНК-тесты и суды


The heir presumptive Spartaka Mishulina insisted on a DNA test to establish the degree of kinship. Before we announce the results of the study, leading the program “Let them talk” Dmitry Borisov decided to discuss the situation with another participant in history — the mother of Timur Eremeeva.

Tatiana for a long time refused to communicate with representatives of the transmission, but agreed to give a short interview. However, the woman insisted that her face should not be shown. Answering questions, the mother of Timur told about how he met a famous actor.

“In 70-m to year in our school №1 in Vologda. We have the old bridge was made of wood, now it is demolished. There were shooting the scene. After school I went down, saw Spartak Vasilyevich, the students ran. For me this is heaven, I opened my mouth and he said to me: “All such fun-loving, and you are serious. What are your Hobbies?” – the woman told.
Битва наследников Спартака Мишулина: громкие заявления, ДНК-тесты и суды

T. A. said that father Timur knew about his birth. According to the woman, she even helped Spartak Vasilyevich to prepare designs for his latest plays.

Karina Mishulina and her lawyer denied this information. The successor of the actor I’m sure the employees of the theater, where he worked Spartak Vasilyevich, definitely would have noticed the stranger, who so actively helps to prepare the play.

The actor’s widow also believed in the absence of the spouse illegitimate children. According to Valentina Konstantinovna, Mishulina really was surrounded by groupies, he was a popular artist, but she never gave value to their conversation.


Fans of Spartaka Mishulina with a sinking heart, waiting for the moment when it becomes known the results of the examination. However, the results of the study shocked as Timur Eremeeva, and the daughter of actor Karina.

The alleged son of Spartaka Mishulina got the results of the DNA test

“The results were controversial. To find out the truth and put an end, now it is necessary to collect samples of DNA for research”, – said the employee of the laboratory.

However, Karina Mishulina refused to pass any tests until that moment, until the official decision of the court. A young woman is configured categorical: the daughter of film stars is sure that she can’t be my brother.

If the DNA test does not prove the relationship of Timur Yeremeyev with a famous actor, he is ready to apologize to the relatives of Spartaka Mishulina. Perhaps the point in this complicated story will be finally delivered next week.