Battered millionaire singer Alena Kravets may lose daughter

Избитая миллионером певица Алена Кравец может лишиться дочери The model met her ex-husband in the Studio program “Let them talk”. Ruslan Kravets came to personally discuss with the ex-darling of the conflict situation, which became public knowledge.

      Избитая миллионером певица Алена Кравец может лишиться дочери

      In late September, everyone was shocked by the news that the singer and model Alena Kravets beat her ex-husband Ruslan in front of their daughter Danielle. After these events of the past three weeks. According to the businessman, he caught ex-wife in the arms of her lover in a mansion on the ruble value of 750 million rubles, which went Kravets after the divorce. Alena this information denies. In the new issue of “Let them talk” took place the first meeting between the former spouses after a history of beating. Alena Kravets told about the terrible life after her divorce from millionaire

      In the Studio Ruslan talked about the fact that he is now completely forbidden to talk to Danielle. “I can’t talk to daughter on the phone. Now it’s locked,” said the millionaire. According to him, he still pays for utilities to the house, and took care of all financial issues associated with raising a child.

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      The model continues to insist that the man caught her ex-husband, was just a photographer and her friend. There’s no love affair between them was not. The woman is very worried about safety because, according to her, Ruslan has repeatedly called and threatened to take my daughter.

      “The last three weeks my life turned into a living hell. This psychological condition – as a spring. This is for me stress. I’m afraid to sleep at night. I sedated all this time,” admitted Allen.

      Kravets filed a statement to the police. According to the woman, law enforcement authorities are checking on the fact of beatings committed by her ex-husband. She noted that even puts around the house for the night guard, as fears for themselves and their lives. “For the child I will fight. Let him at least a little ashamed that he’d ever done,” said Alena.

      The model said that the abandoned contents of a spouse. “Lovers in the house I did not bring never. I could swear on anything,” said Kravets. Live pictures showed a young man with whom the millionaire had allegedly caught the mother of his daughter. But the character transfer came. Ex-husband resented that his daughter could see who came to her mother’s home “macho”.

      “I’m not ready to apologize, because I saw the scene: my daughter, who is nine years, with a man of similar appearance at a time when I did not expect,” – said Ruslan.

      Friend was supported by Experiment. Olga Polonskaya noted that the former spouse should apologize to her. However, no words did not convince the businessman that the child should grow up with a mother. This caused heated debate among the public. According to the majority opinion, in nine years the girl just really needs her mother.

      Following the transfer, Ruslan and Alena have been unable to reconcile. Kravets called ex-wife not to bring the case to court, and to allow him once again to chat with Danielle.