Battered actress Anastasiya Sova-Egorova hopes for the repentance of the offender

Избитая актриса Анастасия Сова-Егорова надеется на раскаяние обидчика The woman decided not to contact the police. Anastasia did not write a statement to law enforcement about the incident with her. She believes that people should repent. Sova-Egorova admitted to “StarHit” that I will never forgive these antics man.

      A few days ago, fans of the comic talent of the actress Anastasia Owls-Egorova were shocked by the news of her “Instagram”. The young woman admitted that she was the victim of violence by men. The victim refused to go to the police and not reported by friends and acquaintances of the assailant’s name on her person. Her followers guessed that she had been subjected to aggression on the part of the participant “House-2” Seeds Frolov.

      “StarHit” appealed to the artist, a comedian, to learn the details of the incident conflict. Anastasia thanked them for their support, but to reveal all the details of the quarrel did not.

      “I wouldn’t want to name name. I post it not written, thinking about the repentance of the person. I answered today to all who have supported me. More than said he does not want. Life itself will punish people”, – said Anastasia.

      The girl admitted the social network that her phone is stored even audio conflict. According to Anastasia, with her now all right. The incident occurred last week. She couldn’t answer all messages, as she had problems with a smartphone.

      “The phone I fixed and is now available. Now all is well, except on leg hematoma serious. The police, of course, I didn’t go, but warned the person that call not only the police but the asylum. After he did he had fun and walked, so I decided to show what are the consequences after his beating. Their development, as well as to warn girls against this ublyudstvo, now based on my experience. Frankly, I was hoping for just human repentance, but in response received a public delirium and attacks of this reptile. I’m a name not even written, but this man knows about himself that he did, surprisingly, trying to somehow get out. He also knows that there is an audio recording of that day (I could turn on the recorder, when he warned that calling the police). Yeah, I’m not an angel and is also shouting and indignant that day on it (there were good reasons), we were sober, but who knows him, he knows what he’s serious tablet uses and in what quantities. To cope with his aggression I couldn’t. I did not expect and could not believe that a person is able to beat so cruelly. Even a few days I could not figure out what happened, the head could not fit, but then I finally turned on the brain, because people could leave me a cripple or God forbid even worse…” – Anastasia wrote in his Instagram.

      “StarHit” tried to clarify why she wished to leave his actions to go unpunished. Anastasia partly regretted not filed a statement to law enforcement authorities.

      “I’m a typical woman. Still hope that the person will come to repentance. But forgive I still will not. Maybe later we can…” – said the “StarHit” actress.