Батрутдинов осчастливил Бузову в честь 14 февраля The showman gave the singer the best gifts for Valentine’s Day. Olga has told that he received a huge bouquet of flowers. According to star, it all happened quite by accident. Fans have long suspected that between the celebrities began an affair.
Батрутдинов осчастливил Бузову в честь 14 февраля

The alleged affair of Olga Buzova and Timur Batrutdinova not leave them indifferent subscribers. Celebrities came up with the hashtag #tugbungan who signed many of his pictures. Olga has repeatedly said that they are ready for a new relationship.

In the air one of the shows Buzova told me that her colleague from the channel TNT gave her for Valentine’s day. According to Olga, accidentally Timur sent her home with a bouquet of flowers.

“At 9 a.m. quite by chance the courier called me. Timur learned that today is a holiday accidentally congratulated me on Valentine’s day and gave me roses. Thank You, Timur. Never thought you love me,” shared Olga.

Besides Olga remembered that Timur considered one of the most eligible bachelors. Previously, she thoroughly denied that between her and Batrutdinova may be novel.

“We communicate very well, close friends for 15 years. It so happened that we accidentally met in Thailand. But because I create trends, this phrase about “accidentally” went to the people. It found some kind of a subtext, and now it’s almost my new project with Timur. But he’s not really a relationship, no,” said the presenter in the broadcast one radio station.

Recall the novel Buzova and Batrutdinova began in January. The pair happened to be on holiday in one place. Stars of TNT actively shared images from Thailand with followers. Social media users enthusiastically commented on the joint cadres of Olga and Timur, noting that they look good together. On this comedian decided to answer.

“Stop already marry us or be accused of PR. We bachelors on vacation and do what you want. For those who do not know, Olga and I have been friends for 13 years. Yes, this friendship is on the brink, but I think we’ll see”, – said Timur.

In turn, Olga doesn’t care if their relations turn into a romantic one. “Yes, it could be… But now I’m being wooed by another man and I might answer him, because the heart is already thawed, and the pain is almost gone. Friend’s birthday celebration asked if I’m ready for change on the personal front. If you had to say that I live only to work, for the first time in a long time!- told the star.